Sometimes we're naughty and sometimes we're really, really nice!

Sister was caught on camera being super sweet to brother today! I think it's official--she likes Briggsy bear! Now that I'm mentioning nicknames we have a few around here...Piper is referred to as sister, sissy, sister pants, and Piper swiper! We call Briggs, brother, Briggsy bear, and bubby (not much though b/c she thinks bubby is the 'thing' that was in my tummy and Briggs was not that 'thing' in my tummy!!) Oh, and a door-to-door salesman that just came to our house referred to me as a domestic goddess instead of a stay-at-home mama so I'm digging that nickname right now! ...Now, how can I teach my kids to treat me like a goddess...hmmmm...:-)
Notice the red dot in the middle of her forehead! No, we haven't changed religions or cultures...a friend hit us with something at church on Sunday! ha! Lovely for Christmas pics! :-)
This is Briggs' new hobby--chewing on his fists! I think teething has begun. Boo to the hoo! I want him to stay a gummy grinned baby forever! Well, maybe not forever but longer than they do!!
9.5 weeks here! Last week at his 2 month appointment he weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz and measured 23.5 inches long. His weight was off the charts and height was in the 95th percentile but his head measured in the 25th percentile...not to worry though. The nurse said that was normal!
Briggs just moved into size 3 diapers last week and I'm already thinking we need to move him into size 4's real soon! Yikes!!!! Piper stayed in 3's forever! He's so close to sleeping through the night and when I say sleeping through the night I mean 6:30 am! Last Thursday night he slept until 6:30 then we had two nights in a row where he didn't make it, then two more nights of sleeping until 6:30 and then last night it was 5:30 am again! Ugh! At 15 lbs I think he can do it!! Most nights he sleeps until 5:30 at least. I put him down at 7:30 pm and he goes right to sleep then wake him to feed at 9 pm and then he goes right back down until morning. Piper was sleeping through the night by now so I'm rooting for him to hurry!! But, I'm in no hurry for him to get bigger!! Stay small!


From Last Week to This Week!

All I can say is "Whew!" I'm tired and somewhat stressed right now trying to figure out how to get everything done before Christmas! I'm sure Piper would appreciate having her 'normal' mommy back soon! And, Mommy sure would appreciate a vacation!! Haha! She still loves jewelry!
8 weeks! Do you think he's getting enough to eat??
One day we stayed in our pj's until late afternoon! These are Piper's favorite shoes. I don't think they even fit but she insists on wearing them! If they were the right size, I might let her wear them out!
This is the smile I got after saying I'd give her a piece of candy if she'd smile!
Briggs is such a happy and content baby!! I love his big grin and sweet coo's.
I had to post this pic b/c look at that roll hanging off of his face. Can you say "I like cream!!"
Daddy & Briggs at 8 weeks
Daddy & Briggs at 7 weeks
7 weeks
Last weekend our niece, Olivia came to stay with us for two nights. Piper loved having her around and Olivia was so good for us! I took the girls to our annual Christmas parade downtown. They were into getting candy and waving at the floats. Piper kept yelling, "Merry Christmas" to the people. She also kept asking me, "Is that Santa? Where's Santa?" throughout the entire float. She doesn't really understand the entire Santa thing and I haven't talked about him much. I think next year she'll be obsessed with him so I wasn't going to hurry along the obsession anytime soon! Plus, she is still a bit scared of all the costume stuff so going to see Santa isn't really an option right now. I'll stick to talking about baby Jesus!

Olivia with Briggs. She was such a big helper. I think Briggs has a bigger head than her!


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Some of my faves

We had our annual family portraits as well as Briggs' newborn portraits (even though he doesn't look like a newborn!) taken in our home a few weeks ago. I was quite pleased! Enjoy!