One More Big Girl Milestone!

POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had not planned on beginning potty training until July probably for a few reasons. Three big reasons were: a) I wasn't mentally ready; b) Piper didn't act like she had a clue about any of this or that she wanted to; and c) We will be away from home a lot over the next 2 weeks!

But---the plans changed when I picked her up yesterday from MDO at Kristen's house. Right before she and I left Claire went to use the potty chair and Piper decided she wanted to so I let her thinking she would just sit there and do nothing like usual. Boy Was I WRONG! She poo-pooed! So, I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought her a chair and we started last night...loosely that is! She went to potty twice last night before and after bath and then this morning I started taking her every 30 minutes except for the few hours we were at the park. So far she's only had a few accidents! But, she by no means totally 'gets it' and she is very motivated by the candy reward! I really need to put her in real panties but I'm not going to bother b/c we are going out of town tomorrow and then won't return for several days only to leave again for several days after that. Once we are done w/all that traveling, then I plan on staying home for 3 days straight and getting this girl out of her diapers! Can you believe this???!!! I sure can't! I was so shocked yesterday and all day today! What a surprise! Who knew I could bed train and begin potty training (although, not full-fledged potty-training) all in the same week...not me! One funny story was that this morning I got the package of pull-ups out and said, "Piper these are your big girl panties that you get to wear!" hoping that she'd think they were different than diapers. She replied, "Mommy, this is a diaper!" LOL!! Ha!

MDO Project

I stole this idea from a friend on Facebook...hers were much cuter though! But, Piper and Claire painted these pots at our house last week as you saw in an earlier post and this is the finished product! Potted basil plants!


Big Girl Bed!

Well, as of Monday, May 31st Piper is in a big girl bed. And, I really do mean a big girl bed! It is not a toddler bed or even a twin. We have her in a full size bed, but for now it is just the mattress on the floor and no frills! Someone suggested that putting the mattress on the floor was a great starting point and you didn't have to mess w/rails so I was all for it plus I was mentally ready to get this project underway! I was way more ready to do this than I am to potty train but it all has to be done before baby boy arrives anyway! So, I was prepared for a horrible night and she did AWESOME! She went right to sleep, never got up and woke up a little earlier than normal but nothing too horrendous, plus she stayed in bed until Michael went to get her out! Then at nap time today, she went right to sleep and almost slept 3 hours...I had to wake her up! Then, tonight she went right to sleep once again! AMAZING!!! Now, I do realize she will at some point see that she can get up and out of bed to play or open her door or what have you but I'm so encouraged by the first 24 hours! We've really been playing up that she is a 'big girl' and that it's cool to be a big girl! She even calls it her 'big girl bed!' The pics above are of her tonight in her bed. She kind of looks like a little lump amidst a sea of cream! Ha! I do plan to put the mattress on the bed frame along w/a headboard and add some cute bedding but this is great for now!

Memorial Day 2010

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Levy's in Texas! I always love going back to Texas! We told Piper all week that we were going to Grandma and Grandpa's house and we were going to see them as well as Sandy (the dog), Jonah, Maggie, Aunt Amy, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Nat-Nat and ride the boat and swim in the pool. She was really excited about seeing everyone. She even asked if they had candy! She'd get really giddy every time we listed out each person that would be there. But she kept saying the following phrases, "Sandy get you;" "No boat;" "No water." I was not sure how the whole weekend was going to play out but she got in the water right away and only hesitated a little on Saturday! And, she wasn't scared of Sandy. But, she wasn't about to get on that boat! She did end up playing in it while it was parked though! Michael feeling all relaxed! Oh, this reminds me...Piper has been calling us Michael and Shelly every now and then, especially if she can't get our immediate attention. She'll say, "Daddy. Daddy. Michael! Michael!" It's so funny but we're trying to correct her. She also will say, "Mama Shawee or Daddy Michael."

She would only sit on the step in the pool and wouldn't get more than her bottom wet. And, she was constantly in and out of the pool the entire time! Maybe by the end of the summer we'll have a little fishy!
Daddy had fun playing on the jet ski!

I love this pic. She's looking at Maggie like, "I think you are the greatest!" She loves her cousins!
Thanks for having us Larry & Diana! I enjoyed it!