She's 5 months old today!

I took some 5 month photos of Piper today in the front yard. I think the bows may be a bit big, huh?? Ha!! I think it will be a little bit longer before we're able to pull these bows off!

And then there is this picture below! She's giving me the evil eye, isn't she??!! Doesn't that make you laugh out loud! I don't know how I captured this snapshot but it is great! Grrr....

Piper's 5 month of life has been a busy one! She moved and had to go through all kinds of transitions but I think she's finally getting settled! We were having some sleeping through the night issues as well as nap issues but that is all flowing quite smoothly at the moment. Yesterday she had her very first prescription filled b/c she's battling a nasty little cough. So, hopefully her 6 month will be a little more calm and relaxed! Piper has really found her voice. I think her first word might be 'hi' b/c she makes that 'hhhhaa' noise a lot. She loves to squeal loudly too! She's also enjoying her jumperoo activity set and her activity gym. She has been rolling from her back to her belly a lot, but seems to have forgotten how to roll from her belly to her back. That will pick up again soon! And, she's eating cereal twice a day as well as a veggie once a day. So far she has tried peas and squash and seems to like them both. She does make a funny face every time I give her a bite of veggie though! It's been a busy and hard month, but a great one as well!

Starting to sit up and finding a fuzzy creature...

Every day I help Piper practice sitting up. She never lasts more than 10 or so seconds without support until the other day!! She sat up (the hunched forward sitting up) on her own for over 2 minutes! I captured it on the camera. She looks like a cute little girl monkey!

And, the fuzzy creature...Yikes, look at the tarantula we came across Sunday night when the 3 of us were walking at the park! What kind of place has my husband moved me too?? haha!


Spending Time With Daddy

This has been our first weekend to hang out with just the 3 of us since moving to Ardmore. We had plans but cancelled them b/c Piper and I have been fighting a cold! Piper's cold hasn't stopped her from having a good time though! She's been a happy girl and loving every minute with her daddy! Last night before we took a walk together.
Michael was taking care of her this morning while I was getting ready. He decided to play his guitar and sing to her. She was so captivated and was even making noises trying to sing along!
She was distracted by me taking pics of her.
The backside of her "I Love Daddy" onesie says "and daddy loves me."


Something funny to look at...

I couldn't resist sharing this picture with you! It makes me laugh!

Tour de la casa

For all of you who keep asking to see our rent house here's some pics. Michael did a great job picking this out. He found it and decided on it w/out me seeing it. Usually that would never happen but it worked out perfect! It is pretty nice and has brand new carpet so that is a huge, huge bonus especially since Piper spends a lot of time on the floor! I think my favorite part is the big kitchen and the location. It's located on the edge of the historic district so we have a nice neighborhood to take walks and look at beautiful older homes! The house does have some outdated features but nothing that bugs me to death. After all, this is just a temporary place! This pic is the front. It has a pretty red door, although I think it clashes with the red brick. And, it has a nice green storm cellar in the front flower bed! Ha...I think the green color was suppose to help it "blend in" w/the plant life!! :-) This is the back patio deck. It's very nice. We need some beautiful patio furniture to enhance it even more!
This is the lovely wallpaper in the guest bedroom. At least once a day I look at it and think "What possessed you to pick this?"
Living room...The front door is right in the middle there. I like to keep it open all day b/c it has a glass screen door that lets you see out and brings in the sunshine. Also, the windows in the living room have plantation shutters on them!
Couch...Please note, I did not hang anything b/c I don't want to fix the walls before we move out. I only hung a few things if there was already a nail hole. In the living room there were no nail holes!
TV cabinet. Chandra and Lindsey helped me decorate it!
Michael's big man chair!

My kitchen is complete with saloon doors!! Michael likes them open but I like to close them!
The saloon doors lead into the large utility room. Sorry, I didn't pick up for you! To the left of the washer is a door that leads into a small bonus room. It was a former photography dark room. Chandra calls it the dungeon. My nieces liked playing in it, but we filled it up w/boxes for storage!
Another wallpaper sample! This is found in the dining room and kitchen. I only thought I loved tulips until I saw this. No, I don't even notice it anymore.

Dining area
Kitchen cabinets. Lindsey and Chandra helped me decorate this area.
Kitchen counter space. I didn't have this in my old house!
The rest of the kitchen. I think I have 8 or so drawers in this kitchen. It's luxury let me tell you! In my old house I had 4 itty bitty drawers! Even though this is outdated a bit, I really do enjoy it!

Master bedroom.
Mistreatment...Chandra helped me tack these curtains up. I have a bay (kind of) window area. I can't hang a rod b/c it's a rental so she came up w/this! Brilliant!
Piper's room. The changing dresser is on the left and the rocker to the right. It looks like her old room pretty much! It is messy also!
We also have another bedroom but it is hodge podge and cluttered w/boxes; but there is a bed so anyone who'd like to come visit and stay is welcome any time!


Lots of Pictures

Piper and Grandma...We went for a visit last Friday and Saturday.

The 3 above were taken today after she tried peas for the 1st time. She did good considering it was her 1st time and considering her mom has no idea what she's doing!

Piper eating her flower.
Papa and Piper
Funny face
Piper, Lily, and Kinley...Chandra and Lindsey came to Ardmore last Tuesday and spent the night with us. They helped me do a little bit around the house, but it was more of a fun thing than a work thing!

Her inquisitive look.
After giving Piper her last feeding of the day, she's usually out. This particular evening she raised her hand above her head like this. I didn't place it like that. So funny! Right before one of Piper's naps, Uncle Allen insisted on rocking her. We never rock her to sleep and the few times we have tried she screams in disgust! He was able to rock her to sleep with no problem and then fell asleep with her!
Piper and I have been pretty busy as you can tell. This past week, we had company as I mentioned and then Piper and I visited my parents, my sister, and Chandra too. We just arrived home last night! Daddy was glad to see us!


New beginnings

Life in Ardmore has been good so far. My sister came down to help me unpack things on Saturday. She was a huge help and motivator! Piper was able to play, or be played with I should say, with her cousins while Sheryl and I worked! We're almost settled in to this house. My friends, Lindsey and Chandra are coming today to help me w/a few things and to hang out. On Sunday, we visited FBC. We attended their contemporary service in the a.m. and then attended the p.m. service. It was nice and the childcare workers were very sweet. They acted as if we'd already joined the church! We are going to visit a few more churches before deciding. Yesterday, one of our neighbors brought us a yummy loaf of bread she made that morning. She was very friendly and knew everything about anything! So, I may have to call upon her if I have questions about anything! Today, I attended the local Tuesday morning bible study. They purchase all the materials from the organization, Community Bible Study, but they are not affiliated with them b/c they have yet to gain sponsorship here. It is a lot like BSF. I was a little disappointed b/c they placed me in a group that doesn't have any girls around my age, but I know I can learn a lot from these women! They offer childcare for free so that's a huge plus! Piper has been sitting up on her own for a few seconds at a time. I can tell she's getting close! She's been wanting to sit upright a lot as evidenced by her pulling forward with her torso! She's been eating cereal, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it or it may be that she's not into yet! I tried feeding her some mushy bananas last night and the look on her face said, 'Oh this is disgusting! What has my mom spooned into my mouth!" Piper is still waking up in the middle of the night. I don't know what that's all about but I do know it is making me tired! She's also been in a bad napping phase so I'm really trying to train her this week in that area, but it is hard! Here is some pics of Piper that I took last night after Michael put together her jumperoo set! She really likes it!


We Have Arrived!

Piper and I made it to Ardmore today in the pouring rain safe and sound! She slept the entire 3 1/2 hour drive but that is b/c she was up at 5:15 this morning! Oh, this child! She's sleeping soundly right now but her naps haven't been the best. Your naps would be bad too if you were sleeping in a different place everyday! The movers came on Mon. & Tues. and got us all loaded up and moved. I had a few emotional moments in the late afternoon. I had been so strong but then lost it! I even gave myself a headache from it! It was hard to say goodbye to the house and to the life I know, but I'm excited to learn a new way! So, now we are here and all is well. The movers are bringing our things tomorrow so it will be another big day. Hopefully, this weekend we'll get a lot done so that we can begin to settle in. I'll post some pics soon! Oh--I did make it to the local Wal-mart...um, kind of small. Like the Wal-mart in Stillwater and Woodward and sort of like the old Wal-Mart on Troup in Tyler, except for it is a supercenter! I am excited though, they did seem to have decent produce and they carry the frozen Steamables edamame I like!! That's a definite plus!


Peruvian present

Piper just received this dress as a present from my friend Beth. She found it at an Incancraft market in Lima, Peru. Beth and her husband, Steve, recently moved from London to Peru for work reasons. Beth was my American friend in London and we still keep in touch! The dress is beautiful. It's a little big still, but may fit her during the winter or next spring. Either way, Piper is going to look pretty in it!

Thanks Beth!!!


Farewell Dinner

Last night, some of the girls from our Sunday School group got together for dinner since I'm moving. We ate at one of my faves in town, Potpourri House. Yes, I am obsessive about their soups! Yummy! I craved their soup throughout my pregnancy. I will have to order it and have it sent to me!! Ha! I had fun and it was nice to get out! Our friends, Brittany and Jon, watched Piper for me! (Thank you!)

Here's a pic...Thanks girls for a fun evening!
Left back row: Allison (in pink), Melissa, me, Gina, & Carla
Left front row: Lisa (in blue), Yuriko, & Ashley