UPDATE: A friend in Norman offered to keep Oscar until we moved into a home and shortly after, a family in Ardmore offered to take him permanently so we have agreed to send him to Ardmore. I'm going to be taking him later in the month once I find out a date that works for the new family.
We are having such a hard time finding a new home or a temporary home for our dog Oscar! We cannot take him to the apartment with us and I've been asking everyone I know if they want/need a dog. No Luck!!! We're moving on Monday and have no plan. I really don't want to leave him at the pound and the Forever Friends in Ardmore isn't taking any animals right now. If you know anyone who's looking for a dog or if someone could shelter him for us for about 4 months please contact me!! He's a sweet little guy! 6 years old, neutered, full of energy, very protective of children and the family, outside dog, loves his crate! Let me know!!!!


Packing Up!

Our house is 95% packed thanks to my sister coming down and getting us all whipped into shape. Michael had the worse job of all though...the garage in the 100+ heat! Seriously though, my sister is a machine! When she has a job to do, she gets it done! It's amazing! The moving truck comes on July 25th to load up our stuff and take it to storage. We are going to be living in a furnished apartment for a few months while I settle on a school district that I feel good about our kids being a part of and then begin serious house hunting! Olivia, my niece, came along to and played with Piper. Briggs hasn't been feeling well so he slept a lot or I was holding him.

And, isn't this the sweetest thing ever???? I looked over and he was patting her back while a movie was on and then he just rested it there. Briggs loves Piper!!

9 months

Briggs turned 9 months! I only have 3 more months before he's 1. Sniff, sniff! Last week he pulled up on the stairs and he started sitting up on his own from the laying down position. He hasn't been pulling up anymore and he's still in practice mode with the sitting up but this boy is going to be mobile sooner than this sister was I think! Yikes!!!Briggs loves the water! I gave him a sink bath because he has been having a fever on and off for the last three days. It got up to 102 so I gave him a lukewarm bath to cool him down. He's been kind of miserable and sleeping a lot! I think it's either his teething or something viral b/c he has no other physical symptoms like runny nose or cough. He has lost his appetite which is a big deal because he loves his food!
These pictures turned out blurry but I love how you can see his enthusiasm in the poses! Sweet boy!


Independence Day

For 4th of July, we visited Grandma & Grandpa in Texas for some lake fun!! Piper was a little fishy in the pool and Briggs loved his floaty. We were able to play with our cousins, Jonah & Maggie too!
The 2nd day we were there, Piper reluctantly agreed to ride on the boat with us. She was so afraid but faced her fears by even getting into the lake water and swimming for a few minutes!
Briggs was not a fan of the life jacket. It was pretty restricting. He fussed some, slept some, and even swam in the lake some.

At the end of the day, we were all tuckered out! We had a fun time swimming, tubing, and riding on the wave runner! Oh, and eating Grandma's yummy food! As I type this, I actually feel like I'm rocking in the water! Weird! Happy 4th of July!!!!

Sleepover fun!

Piper hosted her first sleepover with a friend without the other mom spending the night last Thursday with her sweet friend Claire! They did soooo good! We took them out to eat and they played around the house that evening. They were begging to go to sleep at 8:30! I was going to let them stay up until 9! Michael gave them a 'bedtime' pep talk about not talking and going to sleep, etc, etc. And, they listened!! Both girls were out! Piper slept until 7:15 am trying to pounce Claire to wake up but she didn't budge! Claire finally woke up at 8:15 and then we got ready and headed to our last day of swim lessons, which is really just the play day for the Toddling Turtles class.
Piper did so good at swim lessons this year! She was much more brave than last year! I am very proud of her!

Bottle Baby!!

The time has finally come when my child no longer needs me for survival! Briggs is officially a bottle sucking machine!!!!!! It's been 2 weeks now and there is no looking back. He sees the bottle an starts fussing for it! I can leave him now with no worries and actually have! He's currently drinking frozen breast milk but the supply is almost gone so I mixed up a 4 oz. bottle of formula today thinking there was no way he'd take it without a little breast milk mixed in. Nope, I was wrong. He sucked it dry and was begging for more!