More Snow

We had another snow day!  This time, it was legit!  Piper and Anna (our neighbor) helped me build a little bitty snowman.  Briggs destroyed it soon after!  Playing in the snow was pretty fun on our day off from school!

Big Brother Love

Briggs loves holding Emerson and asks multiple times during the day to do so. And if she begins fussing, he immediately says "Mommy, I think she's hungry.  I think she wants chocolate milk."  For some unknown reason, he thinks the milk she drinks is chocolate!  Ha!!!


Snow Day

 A couple of weeks ago, Briggs told me "Mom you're the best.  Someday when I get bigger, I will take care of you.  I will be bigger and you small.  I will hold you!"  Sweet boy!
 We had the prettiest snow last Friday.  I checked Piper out of school about thirty minutes early so we could enjoy the snow together during Emerson's nap!  That day, Briggs refused to get out of his pj's until Piper came home.  Then he wanted to get dressed and play in the snow with us! Excuse his purple gloves!  We didn't have anything else!