Happenings Around Here

I've taken some pics of Piper doing the thing she does during the day! Here below she looks like she is reading the paper. She has her back leaned up against the fridge!
Piper nervously crying as she pushes her walker!
Drinking milk from a straw sippy cup.
Playing outside. We love to play outside. Her nose is full of snot!
Daddy pushing her on her truck!
Lake Murray. Look how beautiful the setting is! After work one day, Michael and I took Piper to the lake to hike. We arrived much later than we planned so there wasn't much hiking but we did walk to the top of Tucker Tower and looked at the beautiful lake views. Piper had fun !
1st Pigtails!! The look like little antennae! She was picking up a signal tonight...ha!!
Piper turns 13 months tomorrow! It's been a fun month around here! She is pulling up on everything now but isn't really walking along the things she pulls up on. Piper is one that decides when she is ready! No one is going to push her or make her feel rushed. She wants to be secure and confident in her decision before she fully commits! She reminds me a lot of her Daddy!! She has been using the push-walker some but you have to find her in the perfect mood for her to like it. Piper has become more snuggly and cuddly this month. She lets me hold her more and rock her especially before nap time or bedtime. I have really enjoyed this! She is totally drinking out of a sippy cup! It was a really smooth transition for her. She even learned out to sip from a straw this month! She is off of formula and on whole milk but she had some tummy issues so I've been giving her lactose-free milk and soy yogurt. Since then everything has gotten better. I still have been giving regular dairy items other than that like cheese and she has been fine. Piper is talking up a storm but we don't know what she is saying!! The weather has been wonderful so we have been going to the park or going outside a lot to play. It's kind of hard to motivate myself to go to the park some days since we do not know a lot of other kids her age to invite w/us. But, we are trying to meet some!!


Piper's New Piano

My little musician in the making...
The piano Grammy ordered for Piper's 1st bday came today. She likes it and is playing it this very minute!

A Graduation, Recital, & Memorial Day...picture overload!!!

Sorry for all the pics and such a long post but we were a busy family last week! We were in OKC to play w/Lilly on Monday as you all saw in the last post. Then we headed back to OKC for Piper's cousin, Paige's 5th grade graduation on Thursday. On Friday, we went to Dallas to Piper's other cousin, Maggie's ballet recital, and then headed further south that night to Grandma & Grandpa's house on the lake outside of Corsicana, TX for some Memorial Day R&R! Piper has been a trooper, especially in her car seat!!! The bathing beauty playing w/her toys on the concrete. Isn't her suit cute!! She hates the water right now. Let's hope it's just a short, itty bitty phase b/c this will be one sad mama if she can't tolerate the water this summer! (she's even hating baths lately!!)
hanging out on the front porch. See the fake dog...she kept playing with it and smiling really big like it was real!!
And, she smiled big at the real dog too! This is Sandy, her furry aunt! Piper would say "Hi Sandy."
Charlie (the dog), Maggie, Piper, & Aunt Amy playing dolls.

Maggie, Piper, & Jonah being safe in their life vests on the boat. Piper HATED hers!
Funny pic, I thought...no wonder she hates the vest! Look at it...She can't even move! She did fall asleep on my lap while we took a boat ride.
I love this pic.
Maggie & Piper on the front porch.
And, I loved this pic too!
The time on the boat she was allowed to go without her life vest...yes, I know it's not safe but you should have heard the screaming! This pic was taken shortly after we took the vest off. She was loving Daddy for rescuing her!
Great pic of Mags!
Maggie & Piper outside of the ballet recital! Maggie did great and looked so cute in her tutu on stage! Piper loved it! She danced and clapped to the music and was really captivated watching the dancing! She did get bored b/c she has the attention span of a baby after all! Luckily, we were sitting up int he balcony and there was another family with a baby so they got to play together on the stairs!
Note: I did put a bow in her hair without her taking it out for about an hour!!! Isn't it cute!
My little model posing in her swimsuit! Ha!
Happy swimmer...if she isn't in the water! This is Paige's after-graduation pool party at her house for all her girl classmates. Piper had fun watching those big girls play!
Paige & Piper after graduation. It's a little blurry.
We had a great week and weekend! Being at the lake house was relaxing and fun! Thanks for hosting us Grandma & Grandpa!


My friend Lilly

Today, we drove to OKC to play with Lilly and Aunt Chandra. Piper is almost 13 mo. and Lilly is almost 16 mo. old. Lilly is walking and running and talking, talking, talking! She is a cutie pie! I'm determined they are going to be friends and get along...they must! Since Piper is still playing on the ground most of the time Lilly gets a little bored with her but she did have fun saying 'Pipah' over and over! So cute! And, I love it when she runs to me to hold her!! :-) We ate lunch at Iguana Grill down in Bricktown and and got cupcakes next door at Sara Sara cupcakes--google it and go! Yummo! Our friend, Mendy, ate with us! It was fun to see her. She is 6 mo. pregnant with twin girls! Twins people! Send your prayers her way! She makes a cute pregnant lady! After a short nap, we took the girls to the park and on a walk. It was a beautiful day and I'm happy to report that the car ride went way better this time. A nap was taken to OKC and back home! Not the entire drive but enough to keep me sane!!
Piper is cracking up in the pic above!

I bet you are jealous that...

I got to see Rick Springfield in concert here in the big town of Ardmore at Heritage Hall (it's a lot like your school auditorium)!!!! haha! Who's Rick Springfield you ask?? Well, for all of you under 40 he sang "Jesse's girl." Oh, now you know who I'm talking about! What else does he sing you ask? I don't know and I even went to his concert! Ha! He did just come out with a new album if you're interested. I would not recommend it though! Michael received free tickets from his company and so we decided it would be fun to go. It was fun and we were glad we didn't pay for the tickets ourselves. And, I'm glad we didn't have to pay for childcare! My friend helped us w/Piper. But, I am REALLY glad that I got to go on a date w/my hubby and be child free for a few hours!

The crazy parents rocking out! I did get up and dance when he played Jesse's girl at the very end of the stinking concert!
And, here's Rick! The middle-age women in the front row were going absolutely nuts over him. It was crazy and hilarious! It was like watching those girls freak out over the Jonas Brothers! Is that how you spell Jonas??

Someone's Doing a Little Pulling Up!!

Someone is finally beginning to pull up! But, this task is not easy and takes a few steps to get there.

Step 1: Stick my booty back as far as possible and get a grip on the step stool. Pause to see if Mommy's watching. She is! Now I can continue...
Step 2: Begin bending my knees and bring in the feet a bit...
Step 3: Almost straight up. Whew...this is taking a while. No wonder I like to sit on my duff instead of doing some hard work around here!
Step 4: I did it okay! Do I have to stay standing!!!!????
It literally takes Piper more than a few seconds to pull up to her feet but I'm not complaining b/c at least she's started doing it! She hasn't tried pulling up on the coffee table or sofa yet. I've tried helping her but she cries! Yesterday (5/19/09) she started walking solo pushing her walker! This is huge b/c normally she holds on to the walker and I hold on to her and help her push the walker while she stays stationary, not moving her feet a bit to walk w/the the walker! Does that make sense? Anyway, yesterday she started pushing the walker and walking along with it without me moving it or me holding on to her. I just followed her and she did it! She also started blowing kisses yesterday! So sweet!



My little helper loves it when the vacuum cleaner comes out. She chases it around like a little puppy and tries to seize control of it. I snapped a few pic of her today as the motor was running. The loud noise does not scare her away! And, this alien looking device has a funny story! It is one of those back massagers that vibrates. Well, last week while watching a friend's little boy, he found it and was playing with it. He'd turn it on and set it on the floor and the vibration of the machine would cause it to spin on the tile. Somehow after that it got tucked away in Piper's toy basket. Yesterday when she was dumping all her toys out she found this so I turned it on to show her how it can spin around. As soon as I turned it on she started screaming and crawling away like it was going to get her. I died laughing so I tried it again and the same thing happened. She crawled away fast!! So, I put it on the other side of the coffee table so she couldn't see but she knew it was there b/c as we played on the floor she kept trying to peek her head around the coffee table to see it and then she looked at me w/this frightful face and start breathing funny! People--it was hilarious! Then, I threw it up on the chair so she wouldn't see it at all but as she was crawling around, her eye must of caught a glimpse of it b/c she started freaking out again by crying and crawling away from the chair as fast as she could. She'd stop crying every time as long as I hid it from her. I'm telling you I couldn't stop laughing! Call me a mean mom but I was getting a kick out of it! So I had to share...


Mother's Day 2009

This Mother's Day we spent the weekend at my parents house in Fargo. Piper actually pulled up onto her feet 4 times on Mother's day! This was her first time to be able to do it!! Here is me, my mom, and Piper after church on Sunday. (& yes, Piper & I are wearing the same outfits we wore on Easter. I always seem to wear the same things when pictures are being taken!) We had a good weekend there, but... the car ride was not that fun!
Piper is in her new car seat and I was really looking forward to it but I should not have! She would not sleep and she screamed a lot of the time going and coming home! I guess she'll just have to break herself in to this new way of traveling!
On another note...Piper had her 12 month well check last week and she is 30 inches long (she grew 10 inches the first year!) and she weighed 20 lbs...i think it was 20, could have been 21-I've already forgotten! We have finally found a new doctor for her that I really like since moving to Ardmore! We did find out she has seasonal allergies in which she needs Zyrtec and some pretty bad gas still! Poor girl has dealt w/that since day 1! I'm the worst about remembering to take medicine so I'm going to have to stay on top of her meds! Piper is still crawling around but has been regularly pulling up to her knees. She can give high fives now and click her tongue--thanks to her Uncle Allen! She really wants every person's attention and will let you know (by yelling) when you are not giving her enough attention! It can be embarrassing at the grocery store! She is also very loud! This is something I am reminded of every time I take her to the YMCA nursery, in case I didn't know!! ;-) This past month has been kind of rough with her fussiness but I'm hoping that the teeth will break through soon, the gas will go away, and the allergies will get better! She is a fun little girl with a whole lot of personality and expressions...she's my little drama queen in the making! I still can't believer Piper is 1!!!


Welcome to Candy Land!

This past Sunday was Piper's big birthday celebration! Candy Land was the theme. We had a house full of family & friends in attendance! I really enjoyed it! Piper liked it for a little bit but needed a nap in the middle of it all so we kind of rushed through the festivities so she could go to bed! I had a lot of fun planning and preparing for this party! Enjoy the pics... The invitation...My niece,Paige, & my mom came up w/the jingle.
Paper lantern wrapped up to look like a gumball!
The Table
Candy Bar (top & bottom pic)

Our Family
Piper devouring her cupcake. She didn't know what to think about it at first. She touched the frosting a few times and then picked up the entire cupcake and shoved it into her mouth!

Piper with her almost 4 yr. old cousin, Olivia
I made this #1 onesie the night before. It turned out pretty cute but the rhinestones did not stay on! She also wore her pretty pink tutu that Chandra made her last year!
Piper trying to help unwrap her presents!