Weekend at the lake

Over the weekend, we visited Grandma & Grandpa Levy at their lake house. Piper had a blast! She is in love w/their dog, Sandy, as you can tell by the pictures. She was such a ham the entire day on Saturday...Sunday-not so much. She woke up way too early and was a grump the rest of the day until bedtime!?! She has been talking about Sandy ever since! Michael got to fish a little and even caught one. Diana, Piper, and I went shopping in town. It was relaxing and I felt sooo good! I thought the morning sickness might be gone until we came back home and it hasn't left me since! Boo! Thanks for a relaxing weekend!!



Piper is proud to announce she is a big sister! The new baby will be here in October. I'm due October 13th. Right around 3 grandparents birthdays and a cousin! I am 9 weeks.
We found out we were pregnant at 3 weeks...the same day I found out I had strep and the flu. I knew it was a possibility I was pregnant but didn't really think I was. The doctor wanted me to take a pregnancy test just in case b/c there were some medications that I didn't want to take if I was pregnant. Sure enough, I was! Then that same month, me and Piper got the stomach flu...all while feeling the exhaustion of the first trimester! Have I mentioned February was a hard month! Ha!
Things are better now though. Still tired and having more morning sickness but functioning well! I cannot stand the sight of food or preparing food, especially chicken--raw or cooked! Morning sickness hasn't been as bad this time as with Piper...yet!
This was Piper preparing to take her pictures..."Hmm, what face should I make in the picture?"

And, to explain the pearls...she found these at my mom's house over the weekend and has been insistent to wear them every day since! I have a diva on my hands! And, I made that shirt for her just so we could take pictures and announce it! Oh, and I had my first doctor's visit today (that's why I can finally tell everyone). We had an ultrasound and saw the baby and saw the heartbeat but didn't get to listen to it. Everything looked normal to the doctor! I go back in 3 weeks!