Little Levy's Lemonade Stand

This weekend, my 3 good friends-Mendy, Sonya, & Chandra hosted a baby shower for me in Clinton at Chandra's house. It was a lemonade theme and obviously was adorable!

Below are my 3 nieces-Paige, Anna, & Olivia, along with Piper, and Chandra's little girl Lilly who is like my niece also!
Sherry (Grammy), Piper, Me, & my mom (Grandma Judy)
My hostesses-Mendy (notice how she is standing in her pageant pose--you Jr. Miss!), Sonya, Me, & Chandra. Also, notice how swollen my ankles are! Horrible!
This was one of my favorite outfits that he received but I received a ton of adorable outfits and love them all!!
Piper liked this outfit particularly well!
Thank you for a lovely shower! I loved all the adorable things and am so thankful for everyone being so generous!!


Piper's Room

Okay, so I think the kids rooms are complete and ready! In 2 weeks, I've finished Piper's big girl room and decorated a nursery! I'm sick of sewing! I wish I was one of those people who could just purchase a bed in a bag and be done but I'm not! Piper stayed in the same room as her nursery so we didn't have to repaint or anything. Although, I think her room looks quite boring now compared to her brothers! I decided to keep the same decor and color scheme. In order to do that I had to find a lime green bedspread, find/make a bed skirt and then buy 1 more yard of the leopard print that is in the curtains that she already had for pillows and get busy sewing! She has a full size bed (that we already owned) but I decided to turn it sideways so that she has more room on the sides so she cannot fall off and it opens up the floor space to play in her room!
The euro pillows are what I just finished today. The pillow forms have always been on our bed but since we purchased a headboard we no longer use them. The pink fabric is leftover scraps I still had from working on her nursery. I had made that small one for the rocking chair before she was born.
This is the bed skirt I made last week. You can't tell, but underneath is a dark hot pink fabric and then the tulle is layered on top. I did all of it with hot glue!! I did have to sew a seam on the dark pink fabric underneath so it wouldn't fray! I'm proud to say that this little project cost me less than $20! Oh, and I found the bedspread at TJ Maxx.
I made these curtains last year with leftover scraps!!
And, I moved her mirror and canvas paintings to this wall. I still need to find a dresser for her! I'd also like to find a funky rug for her room, get her some pink polka dotted sheets, and buy a couple of the pillows they have at Hobby Lobby to finish her bed. It's pretty good for now though!

First Day of MDO 2010

Piper started back to her once a week Mother's Day Out at our church. I told her about it for two days and said she was going to get to go to church and play with friends which she was all pumped about. When we pulled up to the church she even said, "Bye Mom!" but once we walked inside and she saw all the commotion she was not so sure and started tugging at my legs for me to pick her up. She even screamed when I left the room but it stopped within seconds! Her friend Claire showed up a few minutes later so I'm sure that eased her anxiety a bit. I purchased a backpack for her this summer and she's all about the backpack but it is a little big for her! I can't believe in two years I'm going to have a Pre-K kid! sniff, sniff...


The Nursery!

The Nursery is almost complete! I have a couple of hoops left to add fabric too, I need to purchase a yellow or orange sheet for the crib and I want Piper do play in the paint and do a big canvas for the other empty wall! Other than that, it's done!!
The paint color is a lot more bold than the pictures are showing. It is the Benjamin Moore Waterfall. I love it!

I sewed the pillows and curtains!
The wall along the rocker and dresser is bare so that is where I'd like to do a big canvas that Piper has "painted."
Oh, and I want to add his initials to a shelf I've hung too...once we know what those are! Hope you like it! I love it!


Cutie Pie!

Nothing much to say, but had to post this picture b/c I think it is adorable and I didn't get her to pose that way...it was pure coincidence b/c she was kicking her legs at the time! Thanks for the new outfits Grammy...we love them!!


Ft. Walton Beach 2010

This year, we traveled to Ft. Walton Beach and vacationed in a condo right along the beach with my sister and her family. We pretty much swam in the ocean or pool all day (except if it was naptime) and then at night get ready and we drove to Destin and ate enormous amounts of seafood. I did gain 4 lbs! I loved the white sand there! The process of planning this vacation began right after we found out I was pregnant in February. Maybe it was doomed from the start...ha...just kidding! My sister's family and our family decided we'd venture to Florida this year. Michael and I thought being 7 months pregnant at the time was manageable even with a two year...ahh, it would be nothing! Then, the oil spill occurred and so we thought, 'well, maybe it is a good thing b/c being 7 months pregnant might not be the best and traveling over 12 hours w/a two year old does seem a little crazy.' But, the oil never showed up at our resort location so the vacation was still on! We were ready, we were excited (I was a little nervous about a 2 year old in the car), but we were going to do great!! The car ride wasn't that big of a deal. The first day wasn't so bad, but then the terrible twos reared it's ugly head and we thought for sure that the devil had possessed our daughter by the 2nd day! It wasn't pretty people! The girl needed her 11-12 hours of sleep and she was not getting it and she was letting the world know about it with every fiber of her being! This mama even had a few meltdowns time after time!! Then, we got the bright idea to maybe have her sleep in our closet and you know what--she slept so much better and so much longer and she began to get happier the next to last day and by the last day she was having a ball...on the last day! Oh, the Lord has a great sense of humor, doesn't He??!! Anyway, with all that said, we did have fun. It wasn't all bad but I'm pretty sure I'll remember my crazy, fit-throwing two year old and this vacation for the rest of my life and I'm pretty sure family vacations will be postponed for a few years. That's alright by me. Michael and I need to get away alone anyway! :-) Oh, and b/c of all the drama I didn't get many good pics and I sure didn't get a family picture. Boo Hoo!
This is Piper in the closet sleeping!
Finally, a preggo picture of me! I'm 7 months pregnant with our nameless baby boy! Please excuse the horrible hair do I've got going on!
Piper hanging out w/her cousin Anna! She didn't want to take a picture, but this was her face the majority of the trip...I posted it just so you could have a visual!
This is Piper having a really good hour on a morning after she slept good! She really had fun in the sand if she allowed herself to!! She didn't care for the ocean too much but she really liked the pool!
Piper did reach a few milestones while we were away! She learned how to tattle, pinch , and to say, "Gimme it!" Nice, huh?! haha. On the way to Florida we took two days to drive but on the way back we came home in one day! She did awesome in the car! I would have never guessed that she'd do so well! I did enjoy getting to spend time w/Sheryl, Trebor, and the kids even though it was drama-filled! And, I was glad to be able to spend a week w/Michael. We make a great team!


Funny Things!

No pics yet of our vacations! We cannot find the USB cord so please be patient with me! Vacation was interesting and I'll wait to write all about it when I post the pics!! It's been busy around our house. I'm determined to get 90% of the nursery completed by Sunday. So far, only the walls have been painted and that is huge. I love the color I chose and think it is all going to look great once finished. In addition to working on the nursery, I've been finishing up Piper's room too! Madness!! My sewing machine clunked out on me too so I'm borrowing a friends! We only have 7 weeks until 'bubby' gets here...still have no name! That's the latest of the updates I guess!

Piper has been saying some funny things and I've been trying to remember so that I can post them on here!

1. On vacation she learned how to tattle! And, she learned "Gimmee it!" (Give me it!)--Lovely, huh?!
2. The other day, I told her we were driving to pick up Daddy at the refinery where he works and she said, "Mommy, where are we going? To the refrigerator?" Ha! When I corrected here, she said, "the finery!"
3. Yesterday, we were headed to Hobby Lobby and instead of saying we were going to the store, I told her we were going to HL. A whole 2 hrs. worth of questioning began after that! "Where is HL's daddy? Where is HL's mommy? Who is HL?, etc." I said, "HL is a store, like Walmart is a store. HL isn't a person." That was not enough! She kept asking the questions over and over. When we arrived there, she kept asking where HL was and finally said in frustration, "Where is she?!?" Ha! I never convinced her that HL was not a person!
4. I think she has an imaginary friend already b/c she talks about "Boom-Boom" all the time. She told us that Boom-boom lives at Grammy's and she 'calls' and chats with Boom-boom and talks about him/her every day. When I ask her who Boom-boom is, she giggles!
5. When you do something to her that she doesn't want done (like tickling, spank, etc.) she has been saying w/a pretty mean scowl, "Don't do that!"
6. And, lastly (I know I've forgotten something else from this week!) she is beginning to talk positively about Bubby coming to live w/us. One night while swinging she told us that she would share her swing set w/bubby and she'd swing on the big girl swing so he could have the baby swing. Then last night, she told me that she'd let bubby take a bath in Piper's bath! And, I set aside a bunch of baby toys and she's finally started calling them bubby's toys instead of Piper's! Maybe there is hope of acceptance from her with her brother!

I'm off to begin sewing curtains!!!