Dinner Time

Piper used her high chair for the first time tonight! She practiced in Miss Lilly's high chair this past weekend so we knew she was ready for it. She has been such a great eater. We are pretty much on a 3 meal-a-day schedule along with an additional liquid snack! I may be cutting that out in the next month but I haven't decided! She still is not taking a bottle! So far, she has eaten rice and oatmeal cereal, yellow squash, green beans, peas, carrots, bananas, plums, applesauce, blueberries, and avocado. I'm going to try to introduce pears, prunes, butternut squash, and spinach over the next 2 weeks. She has not rejected any food yet, but has shown favor in certain foods. Before starting solids, I was quite nervous and apprehensive about the entire process but it has all fallen into place and now I feel a lot more confident! I've been preparing all the fruits and veggies instead of purchasing baby food jars (except for the applesauce and plums). It's been a lot cheaper and so much easier than I would have thought. It only takes me about an hour to prepare food for 2 or 3 weeks! I just puree it, freeze it in an ice cube tray and set out a cube or two when it is time to eat or when I need to take it with me. I think it's just as easy has buying the jar. I have to give credit to Chandra for helping me feel more confident in making Piper's baby food! I'm glad she is paving the way!!!

OSU Homecoming

Piper enjoyed her first OSU Homecoming this past Saturday. We are indoctrinating her early! Michael went to the football game while Piper and I spent some more time with Chandra and Lilly. Before the game we spent some time with Grammy and Papa John. It was a fun day with beautiful weather! And...our Cowboys came away with another victory moving them to #6 in the country!!
Papa John and Piper
Chandra & Lilly with us in front of the OSU library. The water in the fountain is orange during Homecoming week.
Piper was such a happy girl that day (except during the car ride, but that is normal!). She did get tired though and took a few catnaps. This is her rubbing her eyes and nose--a sign she needs to sleep!

Fun With Friends & Family

Since moving to Oklahoma we have been busy playing catch up with all our friends and family who live here. I think the 3 of us have only been at our home in Ardmore for a few weekends the past 2 months! There is always something for us to go and do or someone for us to go and visit! It has been a lot of fun...even if Piper hates her car seat!!

Piper and Lilly enjoyed playing together. For the first time, Piper really interacted with Lilly. She smiled and laughed at her even.

On October 11th, my mother's side of the family celebrated my grandparents 70th anniversary! Yes, I said 70th! Can you believe that!!?? This is them holding Piper after a long day. She was not happy at this point because she didn't get to take a nap and she had been held all day!
We also went to visit Michael's grandma in Corn. Piper liked Homa!
This is Piper's Aunt Valerie. She lives in Clinton.
And these are Valerie's boys Mason (L) and Garrison(R). The boys had fun playing with their new girl cousin. Garrison was really into her!


Go Pokes!

What team in Oklahoma still remains undefeated, you ask??
Yea Cowboys!!!!


Pumpkin Patch and Playing With Oliva!

Today, we took Piper to the Valero Pumpkin Patch to take pictures. They really didn't turn out 'picture perfect' if you know what I mean! Valero grows a small pumpkin patch and allows all the area school kids to come and get a pumpkin and then they open it up to Valero employees and their families. Isn't that nice! It's not a traditional patch w/hay rides and such. It's just a small garden full of pumpkins and scarecrows! But you get free pumpkins and they had the cool green and white pumpkins too! I didn't get any but I will next year for sure!
She wanted the corn stalk on this scarecrow so we couldn't get her to look at us!
This would have been fun if she wasn't scowling!!
She is not enthused! Michael was able to leave work for a little bit to take us to the pumpkin patch! He's wearing blue coveralls in this pic. That's what he wears everyday to work! Less laundry for me!!! Woohoo!
My sister and 2 of her girls were able to join us. This is Sheryl and Olivia. I didn't get a pic of Paige. Sheryl was picking up Olivia from our house today. We were taking care of her for a few days while Sheryl and Paige were at Camp Classen for Paige's 5th grade class!
I dressed Piper up as a pumpkin today!
These pics are of Olivia and Piper over the past few days. Olivia stayed with us while Sheryl and Paige were at camp in Davis, OK. It was fun to have her stay with us. Michael was so good with her and helped me a lot when he got home after work each night. He had fun with her and I know Piper enjoyed having her here b/c of the extra attention! Boy, was it a good trial for me to see what it will be like w/a toddler and a baby! I don't know if I can do it! Whew...there is so much to think about and do w/2 kids.


First Tooth and a Little More...

Piper's 1st tooth broke through on Saturday! No wonder she has been fussy and sick! The tooth is too small to take a picture of right now!

Michael went to the OSU game & brought back this cute little t-shirt for Piper! It's her first OSU shirt! (and a 12 mo. size may I add!) "Cool Chicks Wear Orange." Her cousins got them too. We'll have to take a picture of them all together!
This is her watching TV! OH NO! She likes to watch tv so I'm going to have to be careful about that!
And, last Thursday and Friday, Michael's mom came to visit us in Ardmore. Piper enjoyed hanging out with her Grammy!