Michael and I just went on our first getaway without a baby to Taos, NM! It was a fun trip of skiing and eating yummy food! I didn't take too many pics. I wanted to get one of the 2 of us on top of the mountain but it didn't happen! (That's why you always need to travel w/friends b/c you need a photographer!) We stayed in the town of Taos in an adobe condo! It is owned by the grandfather of our good friend Brittany in Tyler! The adobe is located in a great location of town, close to everything! Michael and I at Graham's Grille...mmmm! (I don't know why I was so hunched over in this pic! And, I think I'm wearing this outfit everytime you see my pic on this blog! I promise I don't wear it every day or anything! ha!!)
Beginning our road trip, V-day morning! I have no make-up on!

Michael in front of his restaurant! Ha! This is where we ate breakfast before hitting the slopes a couple of times. Yummy greasy spoon in Taos!

Michael on the mountain. We both got silly hats to wear. I didn't like his when he first bought it but very much appreciated it when I needed to spot him at the bottom of the mountain! I always knew who the guy in the orange and blue was!
Some of you know my silly ski stories from the past. They are funny and nothing closely related to style and grace when it comes to the art of skiing! But, this trip I did improve somewhat or at least that's what my hubby said and I felt a bit more confident by the end of the trip! I did have a meltdown on the side of the mountain the first day when I was talked into skiing a blue that turned out to have this down hill icy patch. I fell, which is very common, and totally freaked out b/c fear completely seized my body! I started squealing (and we all know I'm good at that!) and crying as I tried to crawl back up the mountain. Michael probably was so embarrassed but I was not about to go down that hill! Ha! I made it back to the top of the hill and went on my way! Taos ski valley is a hard course! It is very steep! We went there 2 days and then drove to Angel Fire on the 3rd day. It was way more on my level and comfort! But, we only were able to ski there one half a day b/c of the wind at the top of the mountain. We arrived home last night after being in the car about 12 hours with each other!!! We picked up Piper on the way home and she was glad to see us but not overly excited until we got home and then she was soooo excited! It was good to be home and in our own bed again! This was definitely a great trip and much needed by this momma!!


Here's my little early morning stinker pie! She was happy to be back home this morning but I know she'll be missing those cousins by tonight!

Piper is now saying ma-ma!! She said it for the first time on Friday, Feb. 13th (who says Friday the 13th is bad!) after her nap and then several times that afternoon and then when we came back from our ski trip she started saying it again! She didn't forget me! :-)

Peek a boo, I see you!

Piper received this farm set from her cousins yesterday. And, I think she's really loving it. I played peek-a-boo with her through the windows and took some pics!

Here she is taking a break from the 'farm' and chewing on something else! This is one of her favorite activities!
And, this is my best attempt at getting her to look at the camera! She does not want to ham it up for the camera much but she'll ham it up for strangers! Should I be concerned? Ha!


Please be in prayer for this family

I don't usually go to 'deep' with you all but I had to share this today. During Piper's nap today, I came upon this blog while reading another blog I keep up with. http://themcclenahans.blogspot.com/ They just lost their 10 month old baby girl to cancer after finding out just 3 weeks ago that she was ill. I do not personally know them but can only imagine the pain they are feeling. My heart is heavy for them right now. This strikes so close to home b/c Piper is so close in age. Please join me in praying for them. They know the Lord which will comfort them so much more in this terribly painful time.
Lately, the Lord has been laying this song on my heart whenever I come across hard/painful situations that either I have been facing or those close to me are facing.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.
When darkness veils His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace;
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.
His oath, His covenant, and blood
Support me in the whelming flood;
When every earthly prop gives way,
He then is all my Hope and Stay.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.
When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh, may I then in Him be found,
Clothed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne!
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Future Blogger!

I sat Piper down on the sofa for a second and she went from sitting up to laying down to 'play' on the computer! What creative ideas do you think she has running through her mind??

Daddy's Girl

Piper is a Daddy's girl through and through! She wants Michael to hold her as soon as he gets home at night and if I take her away she cries sometimes! She is definitely starting to gain an independence about her! I wanted to take some 'candid' pics of them in b/w. I'm going to need a little more practice!
Look at her eyeing the photographer down!
Laughing at Daddy.
Piper and Daddy playing with Oscar. He is always dying to jump up and lick her feet! She likes him a lot!

Swing Time!

We set up Piper's swing on the play set that came w/the house. She had a good time but had her serious moments as you can see in the pics. Unfortunately, the high winds we had on Sunday night blew over the set and snapped the wood so no more play set. We're going to have to find a new home for her swing b/c she loves it!

This pic makes me smile! Look at those two bottom teeth! She looks like a little bunny rabbit!


We're sick...again!

Ever have one of those days....???
This is puny Piper and you don't want to see a pic of Piper's puny mommy b/c frankly, it's downright scary! Yesterday Piper was running a fever and slept a lot; while mommy caught a good case of the stomach bug last night! Fun times! I'm better this morning but still really weak and tired. Michael stayed home w/us through the morning and left for a luncheon at work. He's been great. Poor guy has had to deal w/more sick girls this past month than ever before. I'm ready for Spring and to be healthy!

9 months

Piper's 9 months old now! Isn't she the cutest! She is a daddy's girl through and through! I took her to the dr. 2 wks ago and she weighed 17 lbs. 7 oz. and was 28 inches (I think). She was in the 25th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. The dr. was not concerned. She's a tall girl that is for sure! I stopped nursing her at the beginning of January and just pumped but right before she turned 9 mo. I stopped doing that and she's totally on formula, doing great on a bottle. You would never know we had such a hard time with it! But, as soon as the breastmilk was cut out, both she and I have been sick more than normal...hmmm...

You asked for it...

This is a silly post, but a few of you have requested seeing Michael's work coveralls that he wears everyday. So here it is...goofy hat and all! Can you believe I got him to pose for me? He was being a jokester about it!