Evelyn's Crew

UPDATE!!  Thank you all so much for your generous donations!  They have far exceeded their goal!  So exciting!  I'm so thankful we could be a part of this special opportunity and thankful to each of you for helping!
 Evelyn Joy Roush

Our family is gearing up to celebrate and honor this little lady next month at the annual Buddy Walk.  

In OKC, the Buddy Walk is hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma.  A little excerpt from their website about this event:  "The Buddy Walk® was created by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. The Buddy Walk has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to nearly 250 walks planned for 2012 worldwide. In 2011, more than $11.5 million was raised nationwide to benefit local programs and services, as well as the national advocacy initiatives of NDSS that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome. It is also one of the main fundraising events for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. The majority of the monies will stay in the central Oklahoma area to fund the various activities and programs supported by DSACO."

Sweet little Evelyn was born September 2, 2011 to my best friend Chandra Roush (and her husband Rusty)!  I still remember the morning she went in to deliver Evelyn.  We were living in a temporary apartment and she stopped by to pick something up and wanted to repaint her nails quickly so they'd look good in pictures! Ha!  We have known each other since kindergarten through church but it wasn't until seventh grade that our friendship started to blossom and by college we were best friends!  Our husbands knew each other through church growing up and Rusty met Chandra through Michael and I!  We have a friendship that will last a lifetime!  And, we'll probably be living like the Golden Girls if our husbands die first!  :-)  Chandra and Rusty's girls are like our little nieces...I love them to pieces.  Evelyn has been such a sweet little baby to add to our mix of crazy kids!  She always has a huge, bubbly smile.  My kids love her!  Piper always wants to hold her and baby talk to her and Briggs always wants to give her kisses and talk sweet to her as well!  She is a doll   Rusty and Chandra have so impressed me as parents to Evelyn.  They work so hard providing the best for her.  They meet with therapists, special doctors, and resource educators (just to name a few) to ensure Evelyn is learning and thriving at her best!  So, it only comes naturally that our family wants to be a part of this event to help support Evelyn and other kids with Down Syndrome!  So, if you want to find out more about little Evelyn or how you can help our team, Evelyn's Crew, meet their goal of $1500, please click here!