Just saying hello!

We have been super busy. My camera is broken. I still haven't figured out the entire downloading process of my new phone's camera and loaner camera. Hence, the lack of pictures and updates!!! I know, I know...excuses, excuses! I feel like I've been spinning my wheels lately and my brain is all scattered. Like, super scattered. For example, I did got to a pediatrician appointment on Friday, when, in fact, the appointment was scheduled for Thursday! That was a first! Fabulous, huh? Now do you believe me! The last time I felt like this was shortly after we moved to Ardmore and about to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas with Piper for the first time. She was 7 months old. Isn't that crazy! Same time frame! Only it's Briggs' second Christmas and he is 13 months. The moving process is not good for my mind! ha!These kiddos, though, are still my cutie pies...don't you think? Briggs is walking with his walker more and with our help. He's stood up all by himself a few times. We may have a walking boy by January! That would be 15 months. Same time frame as his big sister! Fine with me! Piper has been trying really hard to put her clothing on all by herself. She's getting better with it each day! She's also working on staying in her bedroom until 7 am in the morning thanks to the fabulous light up alarm clock that Grammy gifted to us last year! We're still working on it! The time change wasn't so kind on Piper but Briggs handled it like any other day. Piper has been kind of a like a war head candy lately. Sweet, reeeeally sour, and sweet again! She can be so much like me sometimes! Deep breaths...
Piper received these funny vampire teeth in the Halloween care package Grandma & Grandpa sent to her. Both kids love them! It is an accurate portrayal of how they have been lately...sucking the blood, I mean, life out of me! haha!
I'm trying really hard to get Christmas shopping done so that I can sit down and relax through December and really enjoy my time with these two munchkins because they are growing so fast. This will be Piper's last December at home all day...I'm a little torn in my emotions thinking about that one!


Halloween 2011

Well, we had a few cowpokes blow in from the ranch on Halloween...
Meet Deputy Piper and Sheriff Briggs. They are one rough and tough team...at least it feels like that on some days!! Ha!
Since we had a cowboy birthday party this year, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone! So they were cute little cowboys for Halloween too!

Piper was EXCITED!!! Until, the crazy neighbor down the street opened the door and had a weirdo, scary costume on and a mechanical voice. After that, it pretty much went down hill because she was scared! Even Michael said it scared him! She got about a half of a bucket and declared that she was done and wanted to go home.
Meet Mr. Pyro...he was burning stuff in the pumpkin!
We sat on the front porch passing out candy which was the absolute best to Piper! She loved it! See all the candy in her hands. She was loading the kids up! She was even running out to the sidewalk saying, "Come here! Come get some candy!! I've got candy!"
We sat outside until 8:30 I think. It was fun! Our neighborhood is great for trick-or-treating. Lots of families and kids. And, we even managed to meet a few new OSU families!!
It was, however, our first year not to spend Halloween with the Roush family. Piper and Lilly have been together since their first Halloween. Piper and Briggs had a cough and runny nose which would not have been a good thing for baby Evelyn since she is so young! We were definitely sad to not be with them! Even, Piper said, "Are we going to go with Rusty, Chandra, Lilly, Sophia, and baby Evelyn??" She was bummed! Next year!!!

Pumpkin Carving

We got together with our cousins to carve and paint pumpkins the night before Halloween. This was our pumpkin, Packy...short for pac man! Piper was a little scared of Packy at first and she was unsure of his name. He was called Polly a few times. But, by the end of Halloween night, they were buds! And, Michael was up to his pyromaniac antics as well!Trebor is serious about carving pumpkins. I think if I purchased a pumpkin carving kit as a gift for him, he'd be over-the-moon excited! Ha!Briggs enjoyed playing with Seth. Any chance to pull someones hair is always a fun time to him!
Seth and Sheryl
Piper is proud of her painting abilities. She was really into it...for about 5 minutes!

Sheryl was cooking biscuit pizzas for us.
And, Olivia was the only child who got into the gross part of it, pulling the seeds out! She would have even carved the pumpkin, if we could trust her with a knife! It is fun to live nearby our cousins!


Briggs in Review

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I realized last week that I forgot I to post Briggs' monthly pictures after he turned one. I think it is fun to look back and see how a baby changes so much over the course of a year!!