3 Months and Cheap Cheesecake!

Weird title, huh?? Well let me explain! Piper is 3 months old today and I'll come back to that! But as for the cheesecake, all of you out there who read this today...I heard on The View (I hate this show by the way!) that today only-July 30th--CHEESECAKE FACTORY IS SELLING THEIR CHEESECAKE FOR $1.50 A SLICE--today only! It's to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I am so sad to say that I do not get to take part in the celebration b/c good ol' Tyler does not have a CF and will not be getting one anytime soon. So for all of you who do have one, go celebrate for me and eat a big, rich fattening piece for me!
Now, about my cutie pie...
Piper is 3 months old!!!
Isn't she so cute! Michael's cousin, Kristin and her daughter, Paige, gave us this adorable outfit at my Clinton shower and I'm so excited it fits now. Aunt Cha Cha gave us the shoes! I thought that the outfit was definitely worthy of her 3 month milestone!!
I love being Piper's mom!


My Baby Is Getting Big!

My baby is growing so fast! I want it to slow down! I don't know her height and weight currently but I can feel and see a difference in her! I dropped a feeding this past week as mentioned in an earlier post and she adjusted perfectly. I don't even think she noticed the change! Feeding her every 4 hours now has been so nice! I'm beginning to feel caught up on all my sleep and I even have a lot of motivation to tackle projects!! She turns 3 months old on Wednesday! I decided to look at some of her newborn pics and compare them to her presently. Oh my...what a difference!

Below is Piper last week after her bath. Notice her chubby rolls on the chin and arms and torso!
And, this below is Piper after her very first bath at home! She looks like a different baby!!
This morning after Piper finished eating I decided she and I would play dress up to see what clothes in her closet fit now because last night I noticed that every onesie I dressed her in for bed was too short all of a sudden! Isn't that funny how it just happens like that (snap your fingers!). She is in 3-6 months clothes and some 6 month only clothes! I think some of the items she has will not be worn because they are winter time clothes and it doesn't look like it will be cooling off anytime soon! I am so thankful for hand me downs because this size range she is wearing now is mainly clothing different family members passed down to me, not new things. I decided to capture the moment of our dress up time below! Isn't she adorable??!!
This smocked dress was worn by my sister's girls at some point. I LOVE smocked dresses! This is actually a 6 month size but it is loose on Piper and will be worn during the remainder of the hot season...I think.
One other random bit...We are currently, as I type these words, getting a new roof. We didn't know what day exactly that they would be working, but they just showed up in our front yard this morning around 6:30! Anyway, the noise is loud and things on my wall are shaking but my baby is taking her nap like a champ! It's funny too, because last night Michael and I were talking about the fact that it is a good thing Piper is learning to sleep through noise (she doesn't sleep through it every time, though) because we don't want to have to tiptoe around and because she wouldn't be able to survive my side of the family! We are loud people!!


Schedule Change

Today is Day 2 of our new 4 hour feeding schedule. This means that Piper only eats every 4 hours and she eats 5 times in a 24 hour period instead of 6. So far it has been a success and it didn't affect her nighttime sleep last night! I'm so proud of her! In addition to changing her eating times, her nap times have also been adjusted. Before she was staying awake for 1 1/2 hours and sleeping 1 1/2 hours. Now she stays awake for 2 hours and sleeps for 2 hours, except for night of course. The extra 1/2 hour of staying awake has been a little difficult for her, but she's slowly adjusting to it and has been able to stay awake longer each wake time. Today, she has done perfect with her eating and sleeping!! I think she'll be in the new routine by the end of the week with no problems...knock on wood!! As you can tell, I'm pretty strict with my schedule but it has really been working well for us! I like the predictability of it, but at the same time I can be flexible if I allow myself to be. I've found it to be hard for me to find that perfect balance, which I'm sure a lot of moms can relate. Although, I cannot find the perfect balance (b/c it doesn't exist), I still like how things are going. Piper is such a great baby and for the most part fairly easy! I'm very blessed!

Anyway, enough of this boring stuff, here's a picture to enjoy!

This is our friend Macy on the right. You can't tell very well in this pic, but she has red hair. I love red hair!! Her older sister and brother have the same hair color and they all three look the same too! Just like their Daddy! Her mom, Lisa, dropped by this evening and they were wearing the same onesie! Perfect picture opportunity! My daughter; however, would not smile! Shocking...she has such a serious demeanor! Macy was born 2 days before Piper in the same hospital. Lisa and I were able to share a few pregnant moments together; however, she's a veteran of the whole motherhood thing because this is her 3rd!


We're Back!

Piper and I are finally home! It's good to be back but I don't want to do a thing today! I feel so lazy. My house desperately needs a good cleaning but I've managed to find other things to do today to fill my time including writing on this blog! I just need a friend to come over and motivate me! Any takers?? Haha! No, no I can do it. I just have to get started!

Piper and I had a great time in Oklahoma. The picture below explains how we both feel today...tired!

Piper went to see her Grandma and Papa in the big town of Fargo for the 1st time. She acquired a nickname, thanks to her cousins and Grandma's pepperoni pizza, that Michael and I never even thought of and one that will stick for years to come I'm sure...you may have guessed it by now...Piperoni! That's it. Take Pepperoni Pizza and Piper and you've got Piperoni, folks!

Below is Piper's great-great Uncle Iven and Aunt Eloise. They are very sweet! Piper also was able to meet a few other locals while we were there!

This is my niece, Anna, with Piper. Look closely...she has a mischievous look in her eye! Anna helped me a lot with Piper as did all the other kiddos!

This is Grandma Judy and Papa with Piper. This isn't the best angle for Piper. She looks like a stuffed doll! haha! Grandma Judy and Piper
Uncle Allen (my brother) and Piper
Grandma Judy with Piper and my niece Olivia. Notice Olivia is holding Grandma's neck...she likes to rub people's neck and suck her thumb since her mom (my sister) took away her blankie! She's cute! Her 3rd birthday is this Friday!
Lilly and Piper. The beginning of our trip began at the Roush's home. We had a great time hanging out over the weekend. The girls were on their best behavior for us!
Grammy came to visit us at my sister's home one day while we were there. My sister's kids got to spend time with Piper's Grammy. Olivia started calling Grandma Judy "Grammy," instead, after spending time with her that day.
The week went by so fast! After staying at the Roush's home in OKC, I went to my sister, Sheryl's house for the week and one night at my parent's house. We were busy going and going because my sister has 4 kids and 3 of them are in different sporting activities 4 days a week! We managed to get a little down time at the pool. It's always fun to hang out with my sister because it is so comfortable! My friend, Mendy, from college came over one night to see us. It was fun getting to chat with her. On Sunday, Piper and I flew to Dallas since we did not have a car and Michael picked us up. Piper did so great on her first flight. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I wish I would have documented it with a picture but forgot! I did feel like a total mom on the flight...I had to nurse Piper as we were taking off to help with the air pressure in her ears and yes, I was stuck sitting next to a "football player" sized man! I think he was the biggest person on the plane and there was no wiggle room whatsoever! I managed to do it w/out exposing anything and he politely kept his headphones on and his eyes closed! For once in my life, I was glad to be sitting next to an "unfriendly" person! Times like that make me feel like modesty is overrated!

Thank you Aunt Sheryl for inviting us over. We had a great time!


Bottle Boot Camp

When Piper was only a few weeks old, I supplemented some frozen milk at the end of a feeding and she drank from a bottle then but it was only an ounce and she didn't really catch on the sucking thing that time. I would squeeze it and she'd swallow. It was a big mess and not successful in my books. I even left a bottle with a few different people who watched her but didn't think she'd take it so I'd come back before it was feeding time. I've tried on and off to get her to take a bottle and she would cry, scream and fuss until I'd give up! Needless to say, it was a little tough for me! So, yesterday I asked my sweet neighbor to come over and help me. She sat in Piper's room and fed her a bottle while I stayed away. Piper fussed for a few minutes but finally got the hang of it and then at her last feeding of the day she took a bottle again from me!! It does seem to take forever for her to drink from a bottle b/c she is fairly quick at nursing, but this is a big accomplishment for Piper!! In the back of my mind, I've been thinking that Michael and I would never be able to leave her with anyone for longer than a few hours, but I think we're good to go...not that we have any plans; I'm just the type of person that likes to know that the "if''s" are taken care of! (Not that I have much control over the 'if's!") Now, I plan just to give her a bottle more often, like every few days, in order for her to be used to it!

This is Piper drinking from a bottle on Mommy's lap.
Tonight, Michael and I leave for Oklahoma! We are going to be staying with our friends, The Roush's, in OKC and then Piper and I are going to be staying at Aunt Sheryl's for the remainder of the week and flying home! Say a prayer for us! Grammy's coming to see us one day and later in the week, we are going with all of Piper's cousins, to see Grandma and Papa.



Before, I write anything else I have to put a disclaimer out...I'm not a super health freak, nor am I easily paranoid by things. Yes, my sister will roll her eyes when she sees this and say, "Oh my!" So with that out of the way, I wanted to share something I thought was interesting. This all started b/c my friend, Hannah, and I have had a few discussions about using sunscreen on our babies. Technically, you are not suppose to use sunscreen on kids under 6 months, but it's better to use sunscreen than get burned. This morning I came across a website that has rated the effectiveness and hazards of many types/brands of sunscreens. I thought it was kind of helpful and wanted to share. It also rates cosmetics and other items...I think anything that we use on our skin. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/special/sunscreens2008/ The sunscreen I purchased for Piper is rated at a 3 and the sunscreen Michael and I use isn't listed--it's too generic for this study I guess...and, probably the most harmful! Please keep in mind that I didn't research the organization (Environmental Working Group) that produced the material on the website. I do know that the EWG is a nonprofit research organization but that's about all. Anyone more knowledgeable on the subject can leave a comment!!


Our 4th of July Weekend!

We have had a great holiday weekend! I love playing out in the sun. We went to the lake on Friday. Michael's brother Matt and his family were there too so I was able to hang out w/my sister-in-law, Amy and her kids Maggie and Jonah. I didn't get any pics w/the kids but Amy did. I'll have to post it when she emails me. Michael and I are sore from being tossed around in the tube at the lake, but it was worth it. Plus, I'm starting to get a nice tan so that makes me extra happy! We didn't get to see a big fireworks display but Michael and his brother and our nephew got to shoot off some fireworks...If anyone knows Michael very well at all, you know that he is in love w/lighting things on fire!

Piper seemed to have a good time as well, but she was worn out! She slept hard every night! Here are some pics of her over the weekend!

She looks like a bug here!
Happy in her shades...
Grandma Levy and Piper at the lake Happy 4th of July!! Below is Piper's 1st time in a pool where she liked it! Our friends, Jon and Brittany invited us to join them. Piper did pretty good considering and don't worry--I didn't have her in the sun that much and she had her sunscreen on. She slept some and Brittany and I took turns holding her. While we were there, I ran into one of my old coworkers from about 3 years ago! Small world!
And, a few other random things on my mind...First of all, I've been wanting to recommend a few good movies we've seen lately! Yes, I've been able to finish movies at home for all of you who told me that I'd never be able to finish a movie ever again once I had kids!!! Go and rent P.S. I Love You, Fracture, and The Great Debaters! Those have been some good picks for us this summer! And, the second thing is...I never realized how badly I'd miss taking my long Sunday afternoon naps once I had a baby! That was one of my favorite Sunday afternoon rituals. I could come home from church and crash for 4 hours into the deepest sleep ever. I'd wake up feeling like I'd been in a coma! To only sleep for an hour and a half on a Sunday afternoon now doesn't quite give me the same affect! Ahhh, maybe some day...However, Piper's worth it!


She's Growing!

Piper had her 2 month well check yesterday as well as her 2 month vaccinations. She is 24 inches long (95th %tile) and she weighs 11 lbs. 14 oz. (75th %ile). My baby is 2 feet tall now! She's well on her way of meeting the height requirements for roller coasters! Receiving the vaccines was so sad. She screamed and cried and it made my eyes well up with tears. I hated the experience. Later in the evening, she acted as if she was in a little bit of pain and she started to get fussy. That mild fussiness turned in to full out screaming for 45 minutes straight! 45 minutes is not long you're thinking...it was only 45 minutes long b/c we finally gave her colic tablets and put her in a warm bath which made her stop. We left her in the bath for close to 30 minutes until it was time to eat b/c she was happy in there! She slept so good after that! I put her in bed at 9:30 pm and she slept until 5:45 am! The 2 nights previous she has woken up b/n 4 and 4:30 but hopefully now we are back on track! This morning, Piper has a happy disposition and seems to be back to her old self!