I wish I had a picture to document tonight but I didn't take my camera! We took Piper to 'big church' tonight for the first time. We're beginning that training process! She did really good for her first time. She lasted 40 min. 10 minutes of that was the sermon. She thought she saw a woman she knows and tried to run to her, I grabbed her hand, and she screamed! We made a quick exit to the nursery to say the least!! Michael took her in to sit down while I dropped Briggs off at the nursery. He said she kept looking around and started whispering un-audibly so he said, "What?" After a bit, she finally said in a louder whisper, "Where's God?" Then during the baptism she was really confused. She thought the girl was still in the water. She thought the girl was drinking the water, and I think at one point she called her a god-girl. We tried explaining to her that it was called baptism and that happens after we accept Jesus into our life but of course that is still way above her level of reasoning. Anyway, it was cute to see how 'in awe' she was of the new experience. Next time, I'll come with even better snacks and better activities to occupy her! I could tell she felt like a big girl tonight and she really was!

Big Boy!

Briggs has graduated to the big boy high chair! He can now join us during dinner time at eye level instead of on the floor in his bouncer! I swear he looks like me as a baby in this picture but I can't ever see it in person; only in pictures! Briggs is continuing to improve as he eats his cereal. He has been swallowing it pretty good and he was starting to act like the amount I was giving him was not enough so I've increased it, but he is still only eating it once a day.
He continues to be all smiles. He loves to 'talk' and has really started to growl loudly! I think he's beginning to realize that if he wants to be noticed, he's got to be louder than big sister! Our house is not one for quiet people to come for a visit!
And lastly, he's been rolling from his tummy to his back in the crib at nap time and night time. I know, I know...I break the rules of the American Academy of Pediatrics because you are not suppose to have a baby sleeping on their tummy but I do! The rolling over has been somewhat of a problem this week because it is preventing him from getting all his rest! Sometimes he will fall asleep on his back and other times he'll just lay there and talk and talk until he gets bored and starts to fuss a lot! He'll get used to it soon though I'm sure of that!


Bath Buddies

Piper and Ellie taking a bath! Can you see my child's personality shining through in these photos??? Ellie's mom and dad watch our kids on Valentine's night so we could have a date and we watched Ellie while they went on a date! Piper was so excited to play with her two days in a row and not go to bed until 10 pm both nights!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Rose are red. Violets are blue. The Little Levy's love you!! Happy Valentine's Day!
Piper's friend, Katie stopped by and they exchanged Valentine's...Katie gave her some sunglasses which is right up this fully accessorized girl's alley!
We've been up to a lot at home considering all the winter weather. Yay for the sunshine this week! I've begun doing a little "preschool" with Piper two days a week! Last week we started with the letter "A" and talking about apples, Adam, and many other "A" words. This is her using a cut apple as a stamp! She loves painting, coloring, and cutting with scissors!
Briggs is 4 months old tomorrow and is still such a delight! I'm really enjoying his laid back attitude!
He has begun to grab at toys and at my face a little! He's also drooling more saliva than 10 adults combined can produce...hence the bib in the picture!

This morning I asked Piper if she knew that today was Valentine's Day and she said, "Ya!" (she always says yes when it is really no!) Then I said, "What do we do on Valentine's?" She replied, "It's Christmas!!!!!" hah! She was pretty pumped! Then at lunch Michael brought home a rose for her and she said with such excitement, "Daddy brought me home a plant!!!" ha! Oh, she cracks me up lately!


Briggsy Bear's Big Night

Look at this handsome little feller!! He's not so little though! Briggs had a big day today! He moved into size 4 diapers! Let me put this into perspective for you folks w/out kiddos...that's a big size. Piper wears a size 4 diaper at bedtime! Piper is 2, almost 3. Briggs is 3 months, almost 4 months...see the comparison! Ha!In addition to getting bigger in his derriere...and, yes I had to look up how to spell that! He rolled over from belly to back twice! He's trying to roll over back to belly too but hasn't quite gotten it! He's close though! And lastly, he ate baby cereal for the 1st time!
What is this junk his face is so obviously asking??
Well, whatever it is I think I like it! Yes, he made some funny faces but he ended up eating ALL of it! So, he's officially eating solids!