Random pictures

I realize I haven't blogged in a while. There are many reasons for this! The biggest reason is because we moved the desktop computer upstairs to the dungeon and our laptop that we kept downstairs broke! I'm too lazy to walk upstairs and spend hours on the computer like I use to on the laptop while watching TV! The second is I haven't taken many pictures! We have been busy this month and sick (I'll come back to that!). We recently went to go see my best friend, Chandra, and her new baby, Sophia. While we were visiting, we stayed in Edmond at my sister's house and Piper got some good cousin time in! Piper is in another new phase that I cannot describe. She is keenly aware of everything and is very, very ornery!! She is talking a lot! If I say, "How Cool!" She says, "O Cool!" She likes to identify mommy and daddy's things, like "mommy's water" or "daddy's shoes." And she has been saying more and more sentences! Piper is also building quite a relationship w/my dad on the phone. She will call him or he will call her so that they can talk in animal noises to each other! Hahaha! I'm serious! They talk a bit and then start going over all the animal sounds. Piper loves it even when she tries to act like she doesn't like it. Yesterday, she wanted to talk to Papa but when I asked her if she wanted to call him she said, "Nooo" and then picks her baby up and says, "Kate, Papa. Kate, Papa" To me, meaning baby Kate call Papa. And right then Papa called. So funny. She didn't want to talk to him but she wanted her baby Kate to and so Papa talked to Kate! That is some kind of crazy grandparent love!! Anyway, yes we have been quite sick in February. I think I mentioned last time that we were but Piper got another ear infection this week and so we have to go visit the ENT to discuss tubes. She did not sleep well until last night really. And, while that was going on I picked up the stomach virus. So while having the stomach stuff in the middle of the night I was also sleeping in a rocker w/my sick baby! FUN! Michael eventually took over and had to stay home the next day to take care of us! I cloroxed everything in my house yesterday hoping that we ward off any more disease! I'm sick of being sick!! Here are some random pictures to enjoy!Piper likes to get Daddy's hats out of the closet. Please don't pay attention to the nasty, dirty mirror in the picture! I have cleaned it since!
She is playing hide and seek. Daddy taught her this game and now she plays it all the time, especially when it is time to go somewhere! When Michael gets home from work and begins playing with Piper, her favorite thing to say is "Hide, hide!"
And, this is right before bed time. Her hair is crazy b/c I had just taken her ponytail out, but I love the look on her face.


It's been a PJ's kind of week!

I am feeling so much better, but Piper is sick now! Monday and Tuesday night we didn't sleep much. Wednesday night she finally slept through the night again!!! She was diagnosed with an ear infection on Tuesday, but on Wednesday she started having this horrible cough that really sounds like a bark! So, we have avoided church, Mother's Day Out, the YMCA and any other kid-related areas! Needless to say, we are getting bored! I'm bound and determined we are going to the comedy act our church is hosting tomorrow night!! This is another time I wish we had family down the street!Piper will never eat cut up apples. Never! But she has been asking for an apple over and over so I finally gave her a whole apple and she went to town! No, she didn't eat the whole thing, not even a half of it, but she did eat a lot considering how big it was and how small she is!

And, if you are wondering what this get-up is about??? This is what happens when mama leaves Daddy in charge right before bedtime and just tells daddy where the pj's are and what the pj's look like, but doesn't actually set them out for daddy! Piper didn't end up in a pink shirt and pink pj bottoms both with butterflies on them, located in the second drawer....no, she ended up with a long sleeve white onesie and pantyhose that were located in the second drawer!!!! Do you know how hard I was laughing when i saw her!!?? I told Michael I was going to blog about this one! Ha!!! At least she was clothed in something warm! The pictures above were taken at 4:30 in the morning during one of our less than sleepful nights this week! I sure don't function well when I do not get my sleep!


Thinking back...

Today, I'm stuck in bed, missing my baby, and watching TV and playing on the computer! Yep, I'm sick AGAIN!!! Maybe if I start eating more fruits and veggies I might be a little bit healthier! This time I have strep and the flu! Not a good combo. Michael drove to meet my sister so she could take Piper. I was sad b/c I didn't get to see her yesterday since she had Mother's Day Out. But, there was no way I needed to be around her! While I am sitting her bored to death I started wishing I was living in London again! For those of you who are reading and don't know this--Michael and I lived in London for 5 months for a work assignment. That was 3 years ago but it seems like it was last year! I thought you would enjoy these pics much better than a pic of my pathetic self!! :-)

I'd go back in a heartbeat!!!


21 Months

Piper is 21 months now! 3 more months and we have a 2 year old!!! Yikesys!
This is her 1st band-aid for a boo-boo. She cut her finger while Daddy was watching her...or maybe NOT watching her! ha!

Look at those big brown eyes! She had just eaten a cookie which is why her face is dirty.
This is her signature look! I know I'll be seeing this look well into adulthood I'm sure!!
And, this is is also one of her signature looks! Much better I think!
Ever since we visited Grandma and Papa's house in Fargo she looks out the window for a cat! We have no cats in our neighborhood though! Too bad Daddy and I are not cat people b/c she seems to be very fond of them!!
She loves playing on the dining table bench now. She can crawl on it all by herself now! She has also learned how to finally pull herself up onto the sofa, but still needs help some of the time. She hasn't been much of a climber and I'm just fine with that!
She looks just like Michael here! The longer face and lower jowls--is that what you call it?? Lower cheeks is another name for it! But, look how dark her eyes are. Those are not Michael's and not mine!
Piper has always called her baby dolls, 'baby' but this morning she named one of her baby's 'Kate' b/c she is obsessed with my friend Kristen's baby named Kate. Kristen also has a girl 2 months older than Piper named Claire and Piper has always loved Claire. But ever since Kristen and her husband kept Piper for us one night she has developed an obsession with Kate. She wakes up in the morning asking for Daddy and Kate...that's what kind of place Kate has in Piper's heart! ha! Piper has been adding phrases to her vocabulary this month. One thing she says is "I'm gonna get you." and then tickles the person she is saying it to, especially other kids! She hasn't been acting out with other kids that much like hitting or biting or anything like that, but she 'loves' on them especially rough and is pretty obsessed with 'mauling' kids when she is excited to see them so we have been working on being extra gentle and taking care of others and showing them love much softer! She's just like her mama--I probably seem like I'm mauling others when I get to socialize with them b/c I crave relationships with others!! hehe!