December Fun

Last weekend, The Roush Family came for a visit.  It is always crazy when we are all together but always fun!  We took all the kids minus Emerson to see the play Miracle on 34th Street at the Dallas Children's Theater.  It did not disappoint!  And thanks to Kate and Amy, Emerson was well cared for!

 Sophia was proud to be holding Emerson!
 Piper taught herself how to braid last weekend!  She is a determined kid, but not always motivated!  I'm sure one of her friends just learned how to braid, which gave her a little nudge!
 Emerson loves hanging off my shoulder or back when I'm sitting on the floor with her.
 Her little bunny rabbit grin!
 I took the kids to Bass Pro for Santa pics.  I could not get her to look at me to take a picture!
 Ho, Ho, Ho!  Piper has had lots of fun holiday activities at school.  Her 4th grade gingerbread buddy gave her this hat!
 And, I could not resist a pic of these eyes!


Emerson's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Miss Emerson's birthday last week with family and friends in our home. We had 17 kids and 15 adults here.  If I am counting correctly! She was a little overwhelmed with all the people and kept quite a serious face most of the time. (I'm realizing more and more she has a serious personality a majority of the time!) She did smile and clap when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her and a few times as she licked the icing off of her cupcake.  She wanted nothing to do with touching the cupcake so she kept leaning forward and licking it ever so gingerly. Pretty funny!  We are SO thankful for everyone coming to our house and celebrating this milestone with us!  

Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat-Nat where in attendance.  Emerson wouldn't have anything to do with Aunt Nat-Nat though!
Grandpa & Grandma came!  At this point, Emerson only wanted mama!
In the chaos, we didn't get a picture with just Michael and Emerson!  But this one wasn't too shabby!
Jonah and Uncle Matt came too!


Life these days...

Emsy has learned how to crawl into the tub all by herself.  Lovely!
She also loves crawling into boxes and bins!

My Little Maverick!  Ha!
Recently, at school, Piper was educated on the dangers of smoking.  She quickly came to me one day with this book in hand and asked with disgust in her tone "Does Santa really smoke!?"  I replied, "Uhhh, I don't know.  A pipe isn't like a cigarette!"  "Oh!  Okay, good" was her reply as she breathed a sigh of relief!  Wouldn't want a pipe to kill Santa!
These silly sweetie.  She isn't into snuggling much but she does love to crawl up to me and give me hugs!  I love it!
We are entering the fit throwing stage!  One minute on the floor crying!
The next, smiling and proud!  She managed to pull down a Christmas ornament and was pretty proud of her mischievous self!

Love the sight of stockings, a tree, and a cutie pie baby in her Christmas pj's!
Piper recently began basketball!  
Sweet sisters sleeping next to each other in matching pj's!  Piper was sent to bed early on this night.  She threw such a whopping fit that it upset and disrupted Emerson.  Emerson had a harder time going to sleep so Piper decided to crawl down there and comfort her.  I found them like this around 10 pm.  The next morning, Piper told me she rubbed Emerson's back and let her sleep with her favorite bear!  Sweet girl!
The largest bow ever!  Shopping for her first birthday party.  Love her smile!
Briggs wearing Mommy's boots!  Haha!
Happy little sugar bear!
Hello!  Love this smile!


Emerson is ONE!!

I cannot a believe a year has passed already since we welcomed this little pistol into our family!  I've been reminiscing all day about December 10, 2014.  It is so weird to think about what our family would be like without Emerson!  Probably a little more organized, quiet, and boring!  I'm so thankful she is in our family!  And I wish this first year could last a little longer!

I think the photos I took today, capture her little personality well!  She loves to smile, but she won't give her smiles away freely!  You have to work for a smile from her but she knows how to give you the stink eye right away! She's a cutie pie with a stubborn streak!  Just like her mama and big sister! She does not want to sit still or snuggle, unless it's at bedtime and I think that is her delay tactic.  But I do love it! Emerson is always on the go, never one to sit still and keep her attention for long.

 She loves carbs and sweet stuff...crackers, bread, fruit, sugary cereal.  Veggies are kind of gross to her unless they are seasoned just right!  She likes her meat but not always and pasta is hit or miss. She loves yogurt and cheese.  But she's already demanding I give her the spoon to feed the yogurt to herself!  So mealtime has become a bit of a battle ground.  This girl will NOT drink milk.  I have tried milk in several different cups and she doesn't want it!  She loves her water and that's that!  I'm trying to sneak it in though!

 She loves crawling around everywhere.  Indoors, outdoors...it does not matter.  I really am surprised she is not walking yet.  She can scoot along the furniture rather quickly!
Emerson has six teeth.  Two on bottom and four on top.  She loves to bite with those teeth!  Bite food, bite toys, bite clothes, bite people!  Beware!
 She loves her Daddy!  When he gets home and she hears is voice, she stops, looks up, gibbers something, squeals, and begins saying "Dada, dada, dada" and crawls as quickly to him as possible!  For the record, she's not saying "Mama" much at all!

Emerson weighs 19.5 lbs and is 29 in long.  She is our smallest one year old but not much smaller than Piper was!
 She can say "Pipuh" for Piper, "Dada" for Daddy, "Diss" for Please, woofs like a doggy, signs "more" and "all done" and can hum the tune of "Twinkle-twinkle."  It's her favorite song!  Her vocabulary isn't large, but she manages to let us know what she needs!  Emerson is a little ornery! She is a quiet observer, picking up a lot of stuff!  She is sleeping about eleven hours a night and still taking two naps each day.  She loves to dance and it is adorable!

 Tonight for her birthday, she opened the presents that the big kids picked out for her. Briggs picked out a new giraffe and it plays "Twinkle, twinkle."  She loved it!
 And Piper picked out a kitty keyboard.  Emerson loved it!  So did big sis and big bro.  There was a lot of fighting over it!  Emerson even snarled at Briggs, gave him a mean look, and tried to push him away each time he touched it!  Ha!
Emerson - You are such a fun and joyful (and sometimes ornery) addition to our family!  

Now, let's brace ourselves for Age 2!  Eek!