One Week and Counting!

Warning: Picture Overload!!
My sister and her kids came to meet Briggs on Thursday. It was fun to have them around all day! Piper stayed w/Grammy for two nights and w/Sheryl for a night before coming home. It was really good for her I think!
Olivia & Briggs
Piper cheesing it up! She looks like a pirate here...arrr!
Seth & Briggs
Paige & Briggs
Anna & Briggs
On Friday, Michael & I took Piper to the zoo in Gainesville. Briggs did great in the stroller and in the car...he just slept. Piper had a blast in the park across the street but she was scared at the zoo the entire time!?!
Daddy & Piper on the train!
Piper is adjusting to Briggs. She has been asking to help me and she gives him lots of kisses and hugs. If we don't get to lenient then she seems to mind us pretty well and do okay w/her jealousy. But, she also hasn't had to share just me yet. Michael or some other family member has been around the entire time! I think she's doing pretty well!
She even brought one of her favorite baby dolls for Briggs to enjoy!
Piper saw me holding Briggs on the sofa this one evening and she ran and got her baby to hold next to me. She wouldn't sit right next to me though b/c she saw his umbilical cord stump and it grossed her out! Ha!!
I have been working on getting Briggs on a schedule ASAP by following the Babywise book. It has been great so far! He is starting to become more alert during is wake times and obviously sleeps well during nap times since he's only days old! He's been sleeping in his crib upstairs and it hasn't been a problem. Sometimes I dread climbing those stinking stairs but I figure it will help me get my hiney back in shape!! Starting Tuesday or Wednesday night, he only has been waking me up about two times a night and usually going right back to sleep after I nurse him. But, a few nights he's wanted to stay awake from 4:30 am on!! One night, he only woke up one time!!! Then woke up to begin his day around 6:30 am! My goal is to start the day b/n 6:30-7:30 each morning and so far we've been doing that! I'm hoping to get him sleeping through the night by 2 months like Piper but I also know that might not happen! He has to be getting close to 10 lbs already because his cheeks have sure filled out since my milk came in! Today, we ventured out to church and it wasn't so bad! I laid out the kids clothes (that sounds weird to me...'kids' instead of 'kid') last night and then w/a ton of help from Michael we made it! It was nice to get out and socialize! Michael has been a HUGE blessing and help to me! He has really claimed it his responsibility to love on and give attention to Piper so that I can focus on Briggs and he's been doing so much around the house like dishes and cleaning to help ease my burden as I begin learning how to care for two children! I'm so thankful for him!


Coming Home

My Little Elf coming home! The hat didn't fit quite right!
Isn't he precious?!
Look how small he is compared to Michael!
Piper likes him but isn't so fond of sharing Mom & Dad!
We arrived home from the hospital shortly before 1 pm on Sunday. I had some blood clotting issues that were a bit scary that caused some concern so we had to stay one more night than planned but all is well and I'm feeling pretty good! Piper was immediately not sure what to think when we arrived home with Briggs and acted out immediately as a response! She's at Grammy's house for a few days getting some really great one on one attention! Briggs is a sweet little baby and I'm loving his little noises and grunts! I'm excited to have a son. My milk has finally started coming in so feeding is going to get even better! I've started him on his schedule today and it wasn't too bad...not perfect, but good! Our Sunday school class began bringing us meals so that has made it nice and Michael is staying home for a few days. I didn't realize when I had Piper how much easier a newborn is to care for than a 2 year old!! I think I took that time for granted by stressing out about a lot of unnecessary things but you don't realize that until you have a toddler! ha! Michael was putting together the double stroller tonight and said, "Man, we are parents. I mean, real parents with 2 kids and this big ole thing." (something to that effect anyway!) I thought that was funny!


Introducing Briggs Michael Levy

Here he is!! We have a very strong and healthy 9 lb, 2 oz. baby boy! Today went so well! I couldn't have hoped or prayed for anything better! Receiving the epidural was the hardest part of the entire experience! We arrived at the hospital at 6 am and by 8 am I was on pitocin and my water had been broken. At 11 am, I received the epidural and by 3 pm I was fully dilated. Then at 3:29 pm with only 2 pushes Briggs was born. He is 20.5 inches long! By 9 pm, he's already had 3 dirty diapers and latched on 2 times for 20 minute feedings!! His sister has received him lovingly and only had minor hesitation at first! Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, calls, emails, texts, and visitations!


Pumpkin Patch 2010

Last Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and went to the Pumpkin Patch at Woodbine Farms outside of town. We stayed there for 2 1/2 hours and even then Piper was not ready to leave! If it hadn't have gotten to hot for Mom & Dad we may have stayed longer! It is so beautiful out there. They have a small petting zoo, rocking chairs w/a fire pit to roast s'mores, a bounce house, play house, ping pong table, hay rides, sand piles, a maze...you name it! Piper was a bit scared of the animals but she kept saying all week leading up to it that she wanted to see the animals and sing "McDonald had a farm" and she did! She really loved the play house and kept asking kids to come in and play with her! Next time, we need to go with another family so she'll have a play mate but that definitely didn't stop her from having fun. I enjoyed it too b/c I know this is going to be one of our last family outings as a family of 3! And, no--I haven't been eating too much--my cheeks and every other part of my body are so swollen it is ridiculous! I'm retaining water at record amounts! I only have one pair of shoes that fit me at this point (even my tennis shoes don't fit anymore!) and clothing choices are at a minimum! This baby is due in 8 days and I am sooooo ready! Michael is too, so that he doesn't have to hear me whine anymore! Piper has asked me a few times if we can go to the hospital and pick bubby up? And, she's been telling people that she is a big sister!