15 month well check

I took Briggs to the doctor for his well check today.  He weighs 27 pounds (80th percentile), is 32.5 inches long (90%) and his head was 18.5 inches (50%).  He is a healthy boy!  Something funny I learned today was ear wax is genetic.  You can blame your dad if you have a lot!
And, I just gave him his first major, "big boy" haircut!  One that requires hair gel!!  Look how big he looks!!



I turned thirty at the beginning of January and we have had a month long celebration!  Not really, but it has been fun.  My waistline has enlarged due to all the celebrating!  Good thing I'm in my sister's boot camp class now.  Which is a death wish, might I add!  She is hard core and I swear every.single.person. has told me that she is the toughest teacher at the Edmond Y!!!
 On the day of my birthday, our family and my sister's family ate together at Humble Pie in Edmond.  Can I say, Yummo!!!  It is delicious!  Delicious!  They make Chicago style pizza or New York Style pizza.  We ordered the Chicago style!
 We all took silly photos that night.  Above is Trebor, Anna, and Briggs.  Below is Seth.  He hurt his finger in a dramatic attempt to open a hunting knife package.  The knife one and a lot of blood and several stitches later, he's okay.  It's still healing up though!  This boy has had more medical issues this year than any parent wants...broken tail bone, almost cut his thumb off, two concussions, and I'm sure there is more but I can't remember!
Sheryl and Paige
  Briggs, Anna, Sheryl, Olivia, Piper, Seth, and Paige

  Piper took this photo of me!
 Those are dollar bills on the ceiling!  Kind of cool but really dumb.  I wanted to rip them down and put them in my purse to be honest!

 No more pictures please!!  Ha!
Michael also took me to the Melting Pot and out shopping the Friday after, while Sheryl kept the kids.  I got to go to bed really late and sleep in!  Then this past weekend, we went with 11 of our friends to eat at The Shack for my birthday party with friends.  It is Cajun seafood and yummy!  Everyone surprised me with an album of 30 letters for my 30th birthday!  It is a special and sweet album that brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for all the sweet words written to me! I love it!  (I have no pictures from that night!)  So... Happy Birthday to me!  It feels good to be 30!

A Superhero and a Princess!

 The birthday party bar has been set high for us recently!!  One weekend we went to a Spiderman party and the next weekend Cinderella showed up!  I prepared Piper all week for Spiderman and she ran right up to him like it was no big deal and sat patiently while he painted her face! She loved it!
 The Cinderella party was fun and Piper was in awe!  Seriously, she was by Cinderella's side 90% of the time!  Yes, she's already asked me to call Cinderella to come to her birthday party.  In which I responded with, "probably not!"  Piper wants to have a Tangled birthday party.  But, sadly, I do not believe Rapunzel will be in attendance!
Each girl wore a princess dress to the party and while there, Cinderella painted their faces while they listened to Disney music.  Once she was done painting, she told them that Tinkerbell loaned her some pixie dust so they closed their eyes to make a wish and threw pixie dust in their hair.  Three days later, I still have yet to remove all the glitter, pixie dust!
 She told the girls a story and played games with them.  It was super fun and super cute.  Any girl would just love to meet Cinderella.  The funny thing is, Piper doesn't even know what Disney World is!  Ha!
 All the girls behaved so wonderfully too!  Something about a real princess being in the room, brings out the best behavior!  No one wants to disappoint a princess I guess!
Piper asked Cinderella all kinds of questions!  Serious questions...but the most funny one was, "Where is your stepmother?"  She is obsessed with the mean stepmothers of the princess movies b/c there always is one.  And for some reason, she really is focused on them and not the sweet princess things!  Cinderella played the part so well.  She responded with a gasp, and said, "She isn't here!  Is she?  I hope she isn't!  Did you invite her?  Oh, I hope you didn't!"  Ha...isn't that funny!

Fiesta Bowl

We went to the Scott's home to watch the Fiesta Bowl.  Actually, we invited ourselves over because we didn't have the channel it was on.  Have I mentioned we gave up cable??  Darren and Sonya made some yummy food.  I really felt like a bum then!  As you can tell, the kids had fun together!  Their daughter is Natalie.  She is a sweet, sweet girl!  They became WILD by half time so we headed home and put them in bed.  Michael ended up watching the victory on his computer!


Mother's Day Out

Piper started a new Mother's Day Out program last week!  We decided that it was time to get her back into something regularly scheduled like that for her to have a little more social interaction.  She was very excited and seemed to have a fun day!  She will be going on Thursdays, but I can take her on a Monday if there is a Thursday conflict!  To me, that is really cool!  It also has a more educational aspect to it than her last program which is an added bonus that I wasn't necessarily looking for but am thankful about!  I surprised her with a new Tinkerbell lunch box which made it even more fun!  She is becoming a busy girl with MDO, ballet, bible study, and we just joined the YMCA, which she absolutely LOVES (begs to go everyday kind of thing)!

Random January Pictures

 This girl is pretty spunky!  She has recently renamed us the "P's."  We are no longer the Levy's, but instead the P's.  At bedtime, she gets to pick who to pray for.  Usually it is my sister's family or Michael's brother's family.  She would list each one of them off so I finally taught her that instead of saying all their first names, she can ask to pray for the Nall's or pray for the Levy's, etc.  So, she did that for a while and one night she said she wanted to pray for us, the P's.  I explained that we aren't t he P's, but we're the Levy's too.  Nope, hasn't stuck!  We are the P's!  4 P's in a pod I guess!
 And this boy is fearless!
 He is a lover and a cuddle bug. (he's hugging the baby doll above.  something he does a lot!)
 She likes to pretend the mannequins are her mom. She begged me to take a picture of her with this one!
 While he is happy with his toe!
 A future baller, maybe?
 Maybe, if you take into consideration how much he eats!!

 He loves playing with his toys right now and is walking around like crazy!  One of his favorite things to do is build towers with his wooden blocks.  He's really good at it!  And, his favorite thing to say is "No!"  Even if you say, "Briggs do you like chocolate?  Can you say yes?  Do you love your toys?  Can you walk?"  Yep, the answer is "no" according to him!  It's pretty funny...right now!
This picture cracks me up b/c he is wearing his construction goggles and playing with the tea set!  Funny boy!