Christmas 2008

Before I discuss Christmas, I have a major announcement!!!! Piper is taking a bottle!!! Well, at least she has been the last 1 1/2 weeks!!! However, today she would not so I'm just hoping that it was today only and tomorrow we'll be back on track! I think this was my favorite Christmas present!

Here are some fun pics from our 3 Christmas visits! Piper loved the paper, ribbons, and bows! We had fun seeing all of our family!
Piper at the Grandma & Papa Prewett's house.
Enjoying a present...
In front of the tree...
Chewing on her new book at Grammy & Papa John's house.
Love this ribbon!
Yummy paper at Grandpa & Grandma Levy's house!
More presents at Grandpa's house! She was a little fussy on Christmas day. She has a cold and is teething again...I think! Michael and I got to go to the movies that night while Aunt Natalie, Gma & Gpa watched her for us! It was our first date since she was born!! We saw Seven Pounds!! So good!!
We hope you had a blessed Christmas!


Great Clip

This is a great You Tube clip that you need to watch. It brought tears to my eyes...


No Baby Was Harmed In This Experiment

Well, I have a new goal that I will be working on in the next few weeks or for as long as it takes! That goal is getting Piper to take a bottle again. Yes, the bottle saga continues! Chandra tried giving Piper a bottle of formula yesterday and she came out saying, "Shelly, she has no clue what this thing (the bottle) is!" So, even though I have been working on this; I'm going to step it up a notch! Beginning today I will get Piper up every morning and try giving her a bottle or at least orient her with the bottle. These pics are from this mornings trial! It didn't even last 10 minutes. I sat down with her and put the bottle in her mouth and she chewed on it a bit and then the screaming began (all b/c I put a bottle in her mouth!!!). I couldn't help but laugh at the drama queen in action. See below! (and, yes, that is a tear rolling down her cheek! once again--all from a bottle being placed in her mouth!!!) And this is they happy girl after she gets her mama's milk!
Little stinker!

Playing with Lilly!

Lilly and Chandra came to visit us on Wednesday. The girls were cute! Piper liked watching Lilly do her thing!

Fun with My Cousins

This week Michael went out of town for work so Piper and I went to visit her cousins in Texas. She had fun with them and I think they enjoyed her being around too!

Maggie & Piper...she loves to play with Maggie!
Jonah and Piper...she was really intrigued by Jonah! Uncle Matt making Piper smile.
Silly faces

Notice the bracelet and necklace Piper is wearing. Maggie made those for her!
Thanks for having us over guys! We had fun!


Unofficially Official!

We've bought a house! Or, at least we are in the process of buying a house...that's why it isn't official! We have agreed on a price, had the inspection, and now we will be waiting to close December 29th if all goes as planned and we pray it does! This is the only pic I have right now b/c I didn't take any great ones of the inside. Plan to come visit us after we get settled b/c I love having company and we will have room for you! It's a great floor plan with 2 bedrooms, the kitchen, living area, dining area, and utility room downstairs and 2 bedrooms w/a small playroom upstairs! There's a detached garage and a nice backyard w/a playset that needs a little sprucing up! The best things are: I have a bigger kitchen and it opens up into the living room, Michael has a good lawn to work with, the house is not that old so doesn't need fixing up (just paint and decorating stuff) and it is located in town. We are very excited!!

Christmas Parade

We took Piper to the Ardmore Christmas Parade last night. This was her first parade and she was not enthused by the school bands playing, numerous semi trucks with Christmas lights passing by or the lady who kept touching Piper's face with her dirty glove! ha! (I actually want to write more on that but my husband said I could not! ) I did not get any good pics of the parade itself or the Christmas lights at Centennial park. The park lights were pretty! Piper maintained that straight face the entire time! I'd look down at her and try to get her to smile and she would not. It was as if she was saying, "mom, this is lame!" haha!


7 Months

Piper turned 7 months old yesterday!