Paige Graduates!

My pretty girls!  They have such pretty eyes! 
Our family was able to spend a long weekend in Oklahoma recently.  We went to Clinton to see Grammy, Papa John, and Homa.  Then we went to my sister's house to help celebrate Paige graduating from High School!  I was sixteen when Paige was born and I could not have been a prouder aunt!  I think I drove my entire school crazy with how much I talked about her and my sister! So not only was I feeling sentimental; I was also feeling old!!

Despite the cool weather (it was in the 60's/70's), my kids wanted to swim! 
They shivered the entire time, but had so much fun and decided to swim multiple times on two different days!

Liv and Piper had secret tasting contests!  This was fun to watch!
Emerson and her hair!  Ha!  Paige had a graduation party at her house on Saturday.  
Sweet sisters!  Piper played the piano a lot over the weekend.  She is asking for one now!
Graduation was Sunday evening so my sweet friend, Mendy, offered to have my kids come play!  They had so much fun!  This is the new chicken coop Adam is building!  It was fancy!  Briggs was able to explain every part of it when I picked him up!  Little engineer in the making!
Mendy's two girls and my three.  They petted chickens, turtles, jumped on the trampoline, etc.  It was a super fun night for them!  I wish we still lived close to Mendy!  She is such a sweet, easy friend!  I miss her company!
Sheryl, Liv, and me as we wait for graduation to begin!
Liv, Paige, me, and Anna after graduation!
Me and Liv!

And, Monday night after we drove home Emerson did not want to go to sleep.  She fought it and fought it and finally fell asleep on the living room floor!  A first for any of my kids!  I'm sensing she's going to have  a lot of firsts as the 3rd child!!
Papa Roger & Grandma Judy with all 7 grandkids
Our family with Paigey.  (I need hair help!)
Briggs loved every little minute being silly with Harrison, Paige's boyfriend.


May Fun!

Briggs and Asher at school!  Haha!  Skipper and Gilligan!  
Thomas and Briggs at the zoo!  Thomas always tells me, "Miss Shelly, I'm going to buy you a Christmas present!  I'm going to get you a phone that has a computer on it so you don't have to have a big computer and a phone, but you can have both of those things on one!"  I dare not tell him I already have that!  So sweet!
Piper changed her look a bit!
I've had a special helper lately while doing yard work!
And Briggs looks kind of evil-sneaky as he helps me mix up some brownies!  Ha!
Piper and I attended the symphony thanks to Briggs winning tickets at Whole Foods!
Arrrr Matey!
Batman appeared at school for dress up day!
Cheezer Face is at it again!
Uh-oh!  Someone found the red lipstick and ate half the tube!  
Thankfully, it didn't get ground into the carpet or grout!
These two were on a date to the rock concert!  Their words, not mine!  Ha!!  


Mother's Day 2016

Briggs' preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea for us.  Briggs and his classmates helped prepare the food before we arrived and they prepared two songs to sing to us.  It was so so adorable!  Briggs was very proud to be able to serve me and have me at his school.  He is so sweet!

I love these kind of questionnaires for kids!
Bringing me my food!
On Mother's Day, we attended church and then ate at Chicken Scratch in Dallas.  Unfortunately, it began to rain on us but we still enjoyed it!  The kids loved roaming around and playing! 

 Emerson has begun laying down on the ground a lot!
 Piper being goofy!!
God has blessed me with these kids!  It is so hard to be a mama but I don't want to be doing anything else!  Each one has a unique personality and a unique presence in this family!  Piper is our comedian and social bug!  Briggs is our sweet, snuggly encourager!  Emerson--well, her exact personality is still waiting to be determined but she makes us laugh, keeps us humble, reminds us to be thankful, and keeps us on our toes!  Love my 3 kiddos!


Wildflowers 2016

Every year, our city hosts a Wildflower Festival and leading up to the festival, we get to enjoy wildflowers growing in our parks!  They are so beautiful!  I would love for someone to take our family photos next year in them, or at a time I can confidently know Emerson will sit still!!  Maybe even smile properly for the camera!  Until then, we'll just enjoy playing in them and hopefully, not getting stung by a bee!


Piper's Family Birthday Party!

The day after Piper's birthday, we hosted our Levy side of the family for a little family birthday party!  We get together once a month so I thought it would work great to combine the two!  I was going to keep it simple, but Piper had grand plans of a beach theme and more!  So, I indulged this cutie pie 8 year old!  Beach theme it was!  Along with the special lei necklaces!

We had a fun time and Piper felt very loved!  Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Girl!