Field Day 2014

Piper participated in her first ever school field day on Friday!  Each kindergarten student is assigned to a sixth grade buddy at the beginning of the year.  Throughout the year, their buddy does fun things with them like play with them at recess on Fridays. On field day, the sixth grade buddies help the kindergarten students navigate the chaos!  Briggs and I went to the school for a little bit to watch Piper.  I could tell she was a bit overwhelmed and excited!  And I could tell she wanted me to hang back and not interrupt her time with her buddy and the fun they were having!  We didn't stay to watch the entire time but it did look like she was having fun!

 Piper and her buddy, Caleb.


Super Heroes In Action

Two little neighborhood crime fighters...


Memorial Day Weekend

Michael and I decided to take advantage of the long holiday and do some fun family things.  Friday, before, Piper got out of school, I took Briggs to the zoo for a little one on one time.  He loved it!!  He told me all the animals he wanted to see and we saw them.  Afterwards, he talked mostly about the Lemur monkeys.  It was his first time to pay attention to the Lemur monkeys!  And it is really cute hearing him say the word "Lemur!"  Friday evening was pizza and movie night!
On Saturday we drove to Glen Rose. Texas to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Dinosaur Valley State Park.  It was an all day trip and fun was had by all!  

 I did have a minor (okay maybe major) panic attack when this reindeer-looking deer stuck his head inside of my window.  I tried closing the window but he wasn't budging and I knew his head was going to get stuck!  I tried shooing him away but that didn't work.  I made both kids cry by the end of it all and had to apologize for my lack of bravery in the moment!  Most animals freak me out a little, even dogs, if I'm being really honest!  So, driving through this center was a little out of my comfort zone!  But cool, nonetheless! We did have a sack of pellet feed you could throw to the animals and hand feed the giraffes; however, when we came to the giraffes it was raining pretty hard and the giraffes chose to stay under their trees!

Piper loved playing in the creek at the state park and Briggs loved digging in the dirt and throwing rocks!

Sunday, we attended church, ate lunch with friends, and then swam at Grandpa & Grandma's.  Piper was so happy to be in the water again.  She would swim daily if she could.  Briggs doesn't like swimming nearly as much and probably is even more fearful of it after he fell in on Sunday!  He was throwing a toy in and fell in.  I watched the entire scene unfold.  The only thing is, he wasn't struggling to get his head above water.  He just kept sinking!  So scary!  I jumped in and got him out quickly.  After we got home, several times that night he said, "I too scared mama.  I fell in the water.  My shirt was wet.  It was scary."  Poor guy!  I do have him enrolled for a two week swim lesson program at the end of June so hopefully he'll begin to improve!  Sunday evening we had planned to tent camp in our backyard but it ended up raining for a couple of hours when we would have been setting everything up.  Instead, we grilled hot dogs and made smores! We laid out an outdoor table cloth on the dry part of our patio and had a picnic while it rained in the background.  Michael turned on some music and we had a fun time despite the rain!

And Monday was just a lazy day of catch-up and playing with neighbor friends!  We had a great weekend!


May Photos

 One weekend in May, we attended the Cottonwood Art Festival for the first time.  The kids enjoyed the art area for kids!  They painted pottery and Piper made a funky paper hat!

 Piper LOVES playing with friends.  She'd have a play date daily if I let her, especially with the neighbor kids.  I think we might drive them crazy!  She really loves playing with older girls.  Below is Sarah.  She is in 3rd grade and is so sweet to Piper and is a great friend to her!  The picture above is Briggs with James.  One of Sarah's brothers.  He's in 4th grade. He is so nice to occasionally let Briggs play with his Star Wars toys and actually play alongside him too! Briggs is also beginning to enjoy hanging out with the "big" boys!  I love it!

 Michael had a big job of clearing a tree root last week and Briggs was his right hand man!  I love watching the two of them together working!

 I found this vampire teeth in a cabinet leftover from Halloween.  Piper has been having fun with them!
And the sweetest picture of all!  Briggs with his best bud Asher!  This just makes me smile!!



We are having a baby!
Due December 3!

Piper is thrilled!  Briggs doesn't totally get it!
Here's the video link of telling Piper.  So funny!

I am twelve weeks and beginning to feel much better, definitely not over the nausea but better! Certain foods that I normally like or love have been a big turnoff.  I love drinking a cup of coffee every morning but for the past month I haven't had any because it's made me sick!  Chicken hasn't been so great and even Mexican food hasn't been tolerable!  I am about to enter the second trimester and hopefully this will all pass soon! Pregnancy is so weird!

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend was nice and relaxing!  Piper was assigned the class weekend bear, Little P, once again so we took him on a few Saturday outings.  On Sunday, we attended church and Michael made us a late breakfast afterwards.  Piper and I received pedicures, her first! And I took a much needed nap!  That evening, we ate at one of my favorite pizza places called Fireside Pies.  Briggs was less than thrilled at his pepperoni pizza and wanted to make sure I knew he had no plans to be angelic on Mother's Day!   But despite that I really enjoyed my family and our time together!  Afterwards, Piper asked to go pick wildflowers in the park so we obliged!  It was a beautiful evening.  I think we may have been breaking the rules by picking them!

I do love being a mom and am thankful I get to call these munchkins my kids!


Birthday Sleepover

For Piper's birthday, she chose to have a sleepover.  We've had sleepovers in the past in other communities we have lived in but never here.  So this was a first!  We let her choose two friends.  She chose Nora and Campbell and her cousin Maggie but Maggie was unable to come.  The girls were super hyper the entire time!  It was so funny seeing their different personalities throughout their time here and how all three of them interacted together!  We had very minimal drama and sleep!  They fell asleep around 10:30 pm and were awake by 6 am!  We painted little treasure boxes, ate pizza, decorated sugar cookies, played outside, and watched Frozen!  I think it was a success and we'll do it again!  But not real, real soon!!  Ha!