Piper's Funnies...

Tonight, we took Piper to the pet store because it is, after all, her favorite thing! She loves it! During her bath tonight she said with a big sigh, "Whewww. I had a long day at the pet store!" Me-"Really, what did you do at the pet store that made you so tired?" P-"I was an animal." Me-"What animal were you?" P-"I was naked (nekkid) just like the mice!"


Girls Night!

Piper and I had ourselves a little Girls Night Out on Monday. We went to Pink Swirls (our new yogurt shop) and the Pet Store! She was soooo excited! I told her we were just going to get ice cream so she took her time savoring every bite! I let her get mostly whatever she wanted. She picked chocolate yogurt with gummy worms, sprinkles, and nerds. Gag! But towards the end of her bowl I told her we were going to the pet store next, she was done eating and practically out the door! She loves the pet store which is such an irony because most animals freak her out. At a friends house, a cat jumped and scared her and you would have thought her arm was cut off by the way she was screaming! The same thing happened at another friends house when she playing on the swing set and saw a small dog in the neighbors yard! She even freaks out around Oscar! And, don't get me started on her feelings about cows and horses! But, a pet store she loves! Probably b/c there is glass between her and the creature! Anyway, as we were walking to the pet store she begins explaining to me, "I will go inside the pet store and get a cart and push the cart around and look at the animals. Okay? Okay!" Ha! They have child size shopping carts. And she did exactly that! It was so much fun spending time with her. She is so funny!

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication at our church fell on Briggs' 7 month birthday! We tried taking a family picture but none of them turned out perfect! Here's the best one! Ha!!
Piper did not like us being on the stage without her. She sat on Grammy's lap with the most 'almost in tears' look I have ever seen. And, then when they dismissed us from the stage to go take our babies to the nursery, she lost it I guess so Grammy brought her to the nursery also! Poor thing didn't want to be left out! There were about 20 babies dedicated! As for Briggs' 7 month update, here goes: He can sit up all by himself!! And, he sits up in the bathtub if I lay a hand towel down in the water! He is army crawling everywhere! He is eating a ton!! I started giving him table food in addition to the homemade baby food and he is in love. He even has started fussing and grunting in between bites because I'm not feeding him fast enough!! He is chewing on his foot which makes it interesting when trying to explain to big sister that she can't do that but he can??!! He's starting to sleep through the night again and if he doesn't I've been making him cry it out which lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. He loves being kissed on and loved on by anyone! He's only feared others twice and hasn't shown any separation anxiety yet but he does love his mama, but oh--he lights up when daddy comes home! Probably because he's tired of dealing with two dramatic females all day! :-) He loves a sippy cup filled with water but when I've tried to put milk in one he acts like I'm feeding him poison! ha! I read in Babywise 2 that most 7 month olds can wave bye-bye and kind of freaked b/c I haven't even practiced on that with him so you will be seeing me do that a lot with him! Let's be honest...you don't 'educate' your 2nd the same way as your 1st! He does not like his jumperoo anymore so I'm using the pack and play more to entertain him especially while we play outside or I've got to work outside. Briggs is still a pretty content little guy!


Feeling Much Better

This little guy is feeling much better for the first time in over a month! For the past few days he's been 'worming' across the floor but today I'd call it army crawling and he's getting fast!! He hones in on cords rather quickly! So, I'm trying to get everything out of reach and out of sight! He also has started snacking on Cheerios but can't figure out how to pick them up yet so he needs assistance. He is so close to sitting up alone! And, he has started making this really cute fishy face and then smacks his lips like the sound of a kiss! If he wants my attention then he moans at me until I look at him and gives me the biggest grin. His little personality is popping out more and more!


Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day was great this year. After 1 1/2 months Briggs finally slept through the night until 7 am! That was the best! We were able to relax and just enjoy each other. Michael made us cinnamon toast and they gave me a gift certificate to a nail salon here so I will be cashing that in soon because Mama needs some time off! Both of our kids came down with hand, foot, & mouth disease last week (yes, another illness we get to deal with!) so we have been in lock down quarantine at our house. We didn't venture out to church because I do not want to infect anyone else! I think we will definitely be in the clear by Wednesday! As of yesterday, Piper was clear and Briggs' spots are significantly better! I have started the disinfecting process this morning! Every room is getting super cleaned! And, another reason to super clean--Briggs is on the move like a little worm. He can get to what he wants fairly quickly!
The most adventurous event of the day occurred last night. We had some super winds and they blew the vinyl siding off of the porte cochere...I'm trying to be fancy...the carport! Michael was out of town so you should have seen me running around like a crazy person trying not to blow away picking up siding pieces! I've got siding in the garage and siding in my house. A guy is coming today to look at it! My eyes are still irritated from all the dust and junk that blew out of the rafters! Luckily, I moved my car right before it happened so it wasn't a total disaster!


Piper is 3!

Piper turned three years old last Saturday! Wow, I can't even believe it! We had a 3 day celebration around here and she loved every second of it! On Thursday, I took miniature chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles and toy rings on them! She requested 'brown cupcakes' for her MDO. This was the best party. It lasted 10 minutes but she was in awe of the fact that I brought the cupcakes she asked for, they sang to her and that her teachers gave her a book, birthday hat, and a sucker! If the word 'fantastic' was in her vocabulary, I think she would have said it was a fantastic party!No, she doesn't have a missing tooth, it is just chocolate cupcake!!
Her friends at MDO.
Piper's sweet teachers, Ms. Shirley & Ms. Phyllis.
Then on Friday we had our friend birthday part at the park. Above is her dressed all cute in her birthday hat but it was too windy that day to wear the hat or to light her candles. Actually, it was too windy to even go to the park but our sweet friends braved it just for her.
This is Piper and Anna Kate eating their pink cupcakes and drinking juice. Piper asked for pink cupcakes for her park party! She didn't realize she could ask for a gift or something else. She just asked for cupcakes!
On Saturday (her actual birthday) we played it a lot more low key! The four of us went out for donuts, then at lunch she got another pink cupcake with the green candles she requested! We gave her an art easel and she loves it!
She did ask when/where her party was and if friends were coming so I think having two parties in a row confused her....why not have a 3rd! Ha!

I think my nose grew! This isn't the most flattering picture but we are making memories, right!!
After the donut shop, Daddy worked in the yard and Piper helped! It was a relaxing Saturday and I know Piper enjoyed it!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious little Piper. You are so ornery and strong willed but so sweet and sensitive at the same time! I love you to pieces!!

Briggs being big!

Briggs weighed in a whopping 21 pounds at the doctor last week at his check up! He is pneumonia free!!! He did, however, have his first ear infection. This poor guy isn't getting much of a break but he sure is happy despite his illnesses! He's getting better at sitting up but still hunches over! He did get up on all fours the other day for what seemed like minutes but was only seconds. Yikes, I'm not ready for a crawler! Being sick has spoiled him during the night b/c he is regularly getting up 1-2 times a night and I feel like a walking zombie some days. After this weekend, I will be starting baby boot camp! I'll need lots of coffee and chocolate to get me through b/c it's going to be tough listening to him cry it out as well as dealing with big sister getting awoken in the middle of the night or early in the morning! But, it's worth it in the long run b/c I love my sleep too much to let this continue!!

Easter 2011

For Easter, we stayed with my sister's family in Edmond. We went to their church, Henderson Hills Baptist on Saturday night. On Sunday morning the kids got to see what the Easter bunny left, which sadly, I forgot to get a picture of! We dyed eggs after that but had no hunt because it was raining! More family came in for the day and we ate a delicious meal prepared by my sister...she's a fabulous cook! It was a nice weekend! We also wrapped up our Resurrection eggs which was a huge hit with Piper. She's still asking to open eggs before bed! Happy Easter. HE is Risen!