How Does My Garden Grow!?!

Well, my garden has not been quite as successful as I had hoped but I'm pretty proud of myself for trying.  I planted carrots, lettuce, onions, zucchini, and one other thing in seed form, not plants and the zucchini was the only plant that sprouted.  Actually, I did have lettuce coming up but one child pulled it out too soon!  Can't remember which one but I think it was my boy who loves dirt!  So, we've been getting zucchini every other day or so.  Michael doesn't love it but I sure do!  I've let a few get too big so I shredded and froze it to make zucchini bread/cake/something later!  Next year, I know I can plant zucchini and try one other thing!


Silly Kids

 Briggs cheesing it up!  He is talking so much lately!  His favorite things to say this week are, "Eat, eat" and "Sheryl, sheryl" but it sounds more like "Shawool"
 Last week we went to the zoo with our neighbor friends Jasmine and Savannah.  They have a little sister Hayden too!  We have great neighbors!
 Me and P were having fun with our 3D glasses again.  She took my photo!

And, this week Piper, Anna, and Olivia all went to see Madagascar 3.  I wasn't too excited about it.  They seemed to like it.  We were going to go see Brave but I heard there was witches and monsters which made it scary so I thought I didn't need any more of that trouble in my house and the previews do show a girl who talks back to her mom quite a bit!  I really don't need any more of that!  I'd like to hear what other people say about it??!!

First Dental Exam for Piper!

Most of my friends have taken their kids to the dentist at age 3, but I knew that would not be happening for us until age 4!  Piper just needs a little extra time to be okay with things!  So, I waited until this summer which was perfect for her!  I got my exam over with first while she watched and then they took her to the chair in another room all by herself!  She did awesome!  She tried to bargain with the hygienist for a little bit about getting her bottom teeth polished.  She said, "No, I think I'm fine with just the top teeth."  And, "I really don't want to do that."  in a very polite way; almost sounding like, "Thanks a lot, but I'll pass this time.  Maybe next time!"  ha!  But they finally worked it out and she left smiling!  She was a charmer.  She had two hygienists and the dentist laughing a ton!  Silly girl!  Neither one of us had cavities, I'm happy to report!

Ballet Pictures


Father's Day Weekend

 This year we spent Father's Day at Grandma & Grandpa's house in Texas.  Piper tubed and swam in the lake for the first time ever!  She loved it.  So sad, I didn't get any pictures!  Briggs tubed once.  He laid on me like a dead fish!  Ha!
 The kids had fun playing with the doggy, Sandy, and Jonah & Maggie, their cousins!  Piper swam like a fish the entire weekend.  On Saturday, I bet she was in the pool 5-6 hours!

 Briggs enjoyed hamming it up for everyone!

 We had a great time!  It was very relaxing, fun, and filling (with Grandma's good food!) Happy Father's Day!!
Briggs kept calling Grandpa, "Ba-pa."  I remember Piper saying that too when she was little!


Weekend Review

We had a great weekend and it involved trying some new things and exploring OKC!  On Friday, we met some friends to try out the downtown OKC library for preschool aerobics.  (I have a summer bucket list to do with the kids and this was on the list!) It was fun but in the middle Piper starting acting weird and crying.  She couldn't tell me what was wrong.  But afterward, she was able to play on the pink computer and all was well!  This library location has a great children's area!  We packed our sack lunches and ate them in the lobby and then walked over to the Myriad playground and splash pad with our friends.  The splash pad was temporarily closed...BOO!  But the playground was super cool.  My daughter ditched our friends and played with the 10 year old girls that were there!  This is not abnormal for her!  When it was time to leave, a Mariachi Band was playing on one of the Myriad outdoor stages.  This area is super cool and super fun!  

 On Saturday, we had a leisurely morning.  Piper came into Briggs' room with this getup...her 'castesess' (casts) as she calls them. We later went to Sheryl's and ate lunch and swam on and off during the day.
 That evening, Sheryl and I took Piper, Anna, and Olivia to see the play, Cinderella at the Poteet theater.  It is a great venue for kids to be at the theater!  It's very quint!  Piper LOVED it and afterwards, said she wanted to be a mouse or Cinderella in that play!

 We enjoyed Orange Leaf later on.  It was delicious.
 Miss Goob wouldn't pose for me!  I told her I'd post this!


Reunited Again

We just came back from a quick day trip to Ardmore to visit Claire, Cate, and Kristen.  They traveled from Michigan to stay for a month so we went there to play for a few hours.  The kids played outside in the back yard and we took them to the Splash Pad as well.  Piper and Claire acted like they've never been apart.  I will say, Claire is even smarter than before!  That girl is so intelligent and she can even read!  Cate is a doll and her little voice is the best!  We're hoping the girls can have a sleepover one time before they fly back!


Dance Recital Rehearsal

 Her very first ballet class!
 Duck outfit--They sang "Three Little Ducks"
 Lion outfit--They danced to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
 Tutu outfit--Cannot remember the song..."Almighty God" or "Amazing Grace" ??
Rehearsal was dreadful to be honest with you.  It was so long and the girls were exhausted!  Piper did look adorable though.



Briggs is into all things lately!  He is starting to show this new mischievous side.  It's nothing bad but Michael and I have both noticed a slight change in him.  He is still so fun and just a great kid!  He loves his mama through and through!  He is still snuggly and he likes to give kisses.  He still cannot say "love you" or anything close.  He just looks at us when we say it to him.  He can say Briggs, "Biggs or Bwiggs" usually is what it sounds like.  He is adding new words all the time.  His most common words are "Eat!" which he screams and "Baba" for bottle (this is new and is in reference to his sippy cup.  I have no idea where he picked this up!) He clicks his tongue when he wants food.  That usually means he is really hungry!  He can make several animal noises when asked.  He learned the donkey sound first because my dad always does it with him on the phone.  When my mom asked Briggs "What does Papa say?" his reply was "eeah, eeah!"  Ha!  He is starting to count a little because Piper is always counting.  He's not saying, "1, 2, 3.." but he makes the voice inflections "uh, eww, wee,..." if you get my drift.  And he's trying to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and the "ABC's" in the same way.  Cute! I've had to cut back on snacks with him so that he'll eat a better lunch and dinner.  This is challenging because he loves snacks and so does Piper!  It's hard to let her have a snack and not him or make her do without because she eats good.  He loves being outside and is always pointing to the door saying, "side, side."  I think he is a total boy.  He loves getting in the mud and wiping it all over himself and climbing and all that boy stuff!  I'm so thankful for this bruiser!