Easter 2016

 For Easter this year, we stayed home in Richardson again.  We attended church on Saturday night, went out to eat for Whataburger (I just had to record our Easter dinner was Whataburger!  Ha!), and then Sunday morning we relaxed at home and enjoyed being together followed by Easter lunch at grandparents and two different egg hunts!

 Emerson wore Piper's very first Easter dress that I made her 7 years ago!

 Trying to get a pic of the 3 kids together is impossible!
 Emerson wore her cute little monogrammed bloomers and is sporting a pretty nice mullet!!
 Grandma & Grandpa let the kids have a little egg hunt.  The weather was beautiful!
Piper's face makes me laugh!

Getting a family pic is almost impossible also!!


Spring Break 2016

 Our spring break was very, very rainy!  Piper enjoyed taking a painting class with a friend 4 out of the 5 days and we did a few other fun things but it was a pretty chill week.  I pulled the car out of the garage and cleaned it up enough they could play in it while it rained.  They had fun driving Emerson around in the 4 wheeler!
 At the end of our Spring Break weekend, Sheryl, Liv, and Anna came for a little visit.  Anna turned 14 while she was here so that was fun to celebrate with her!


The end of February

 Piper finished up her basketball season towards the end of February.  I really hope she decides to play again and really loves it because I played and selfishly, it's an easy, indoor sport to bring your entire family to without schlepping tons of equipments!!  Ha!  Piper was timid at first but by the end she was enjoying it more!

 I helped host a baby shower for my friend, Karen.  Karen is right next to me in this picture and her shirt hides the big, almost due belly she was sporting and instead it looks like I might be expecting!  She gave birth to a beautiful girl they nicknamed Cece!  Piper was the oldest of the "little" girls and she felt pretty cool!

 And, just a cutie pic of our three!