Pictures and Presents and Whatever Else I Can Think To Write!

Remember when this little chickadee was too scared to take a bath??? What happened to her?

Below is evidence of her crazy obnoxious hair twirling skills! I do not have a thumb sucker; no, I have a hair twirler! This was right after she woke up one morning this week and I discovered the huge twirled knot!
A bit blurry, but still sweet--snuggling w/her daddy who she absolutely adores!
Piper's 2nd birthday is tomorrow and one of her presents is going to be this baby bunk bed that was given to me from Santa Claus one year as a kid. I loved this. It had strawberry bedding, complete with pillows and sheets for my babies! I decided that this would be a great present for Piper and that I wanted to update it a bit. So here is the before shots...

And, the after shots!! I'm pleased with how it turned out. I just bought some fun fabric at Hobby Lobby and basically sewed an enclosed pillowcase around the existing bedding and pillow, added some trim on the pillow and spray painted the wood! I really wanted a dark hot pink spray paint but that was impossible to find so this orchid color works b/c it is in the fabric but not my first choice! Oh, and I didn't have the time or patience to make sheets for it. She can just use her blankies until I get around to that! What do you think?

Piper has another ear infection. This would be #3 since scheduling her surgery in May. The date cannot get her soon enough! I am getting over another bout of strep throat, but thankfully, the pregnancy sickness is over!! I am 16 weeks today and have heard the heartbeat twice. It's slower so I think it is a boy. We find out on May 24th at 9 am! Pray that everything shows up normal and healthy on this little one also! I'm definitely growing all over, especially where I do not want to be growing! I'm quite hungry all the time and I've had a little more energy lately but not like when I was pregnant with Piper. It's different when you have a toddler and you are pregnant! This poor baby isn't getting near the attention and thought as Piper did, but he or she will not know that! ha! We have Piper's 2nd birthday party on Saturday with a few of her little friends. I'm stealing my friend, Hannah's, idea and doing a simple zoo theme since Piper loves animals. I'll post pictures!


March For Babies

Before I write the actual post, I have to say that Piper is still sleeping and it is 7:30 am and this hasn't happened in what seems like weeks plus she slept through the night again for the 2nd night in a row!! Woo-Hoo! She has not been sleeping well at all for about 2 weeks and I cannot figure out why. It could be allergies, it could be her ears, it could be teething, it could be this or that!!?? All I know is she's tired and so is mama, but after 2 nights of good sleep, I'm beginning to feel that 2nd trimester energy finally!

Now moving on,

On May 8th, I will be walking for the March of Dimes for my friend Mendy Laughlin and her two twin girls, Renna & Reagan. They were born prematurely at just 28 weeks and are now healthy & very happy babies that are going to turn 1 soon! By walking, we hope to raise money to help support programs that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. If you are interested in supporting our team and this cause then you can go to our team website, The Laughlin Twins, and donate online! http://www.marchforbabies.org/s_team_page.asp?seid=1369221
Or, if you already know my mailing address and you want to mail a check, then you can send a check and I'll make sure in turn in it the day of the race!

I'm happy to support the Laughlin Family. Mendy has been a friend for a long time and I know this is something very near and dear to her heart! Her babies are precious! Check her blog out here!


The Zoo

Last weekend we went to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, TX. Gainesville is about 30 or 40 minutes from Ardmore and this is the closest zoo to us. We all had fun but Piper was a little weary of some of the animals. It's part zoo, part petting zoo also. I enjoyed getting out of town and doing something different plus we got to shop at Gap outlet and eat at Chili's...all things we do not have in our town!

Her Many Faces

Happy Face
Silly Face
Sad Face
Mad Face

Piper has a book that teaches her about facial expressions and has a mirror in it. Recently, it has become one of her favorites and she has learned the faces well and I have memorized the words pretty much so while we were in the car for about 45 minutes the other day I recited the book from memory and I was able to get her to make each face on command! Sorry the pics are blurry!

Piper has really been saying a lot of sentences and repeating what I say. For example, this morning I said, "Daddy has to go to work" and she said exactly that. She has also been having "pretend conversations" out loud. This week, I heard her in the car saying, "It's okay. I hold you Wea (Olivia). I hold you Shaworl (Sheryl). I hold you Seph (Seth). I hold you Twebor (Trebor). K, K??" I looked back at her and smiled and she looked at me w/the face that said, "what, why are you looking at me??!" Ha! And, one other neat thing she did today when we went to Hobby Lobby was... I noticed my friend Melody's car was in the parking lot and she has a little girl in Piper's class at church named Katie. I didn't say anything at all about Katie being there or anything about the car and Piper pointed at Melody's car and said, "Katie, Katie. I want to see Katie." Jaw drop! I couldn't believe it! Ha! I'm starting to see a 2 year old coming out in her!


Easter 2010

We had a great Easter weekend. Michael was able to take Thursday off and he had Good Friday off also! Friday, his brother's family and Grammy & Papa came to stay w/us. It was fun to hang out and be together. I love being w/family on holidays. One year we didn't go to any family member's house for Easter when it was just me and Michael and I was so sad! Anyway, on Saturday we took the kids to a local Easter egg hunt. Jonah was the only kid out of bunch that was super pumped and competitive. Piper was scared to death and Maggie was just fine w/her filling her small basket and being done! We did have a hunt at our house after that one and Piper liked it then! We had the big Easter dinner on Saturday and invited Ms. Shirley, a widow from our church, to join us. After that, Michael's brother left and then on Sunday Grammy & Papa went to church w/us before going home. Oh, but I almost forgot the biggest drama of the entire weekend!!! I'll make a long story short. Piper got into Grammy's blood pressure pills and took one while we were not looking and we had to call Poison Control. I was pretty much freaking out! The medicine she took wasn't as harmful as some or so the PC guy told us. We had to closely monitor her for several hours after she ingested it and the PC operator called me a few times to check on her. We also had to check on her every 30 minutes during her nap to make sure her blood pressure wasn't lowering or anything. Thankfully, she didn't react to the medicine and she was her normal self the entire day, but whew, so scary for this mama! The rest of the day was much less dramatic! The day ended sweetly with me rocking Piper right before bed and she said, "I pray" so w/a little guidance from me, she prayed, "Dear God, I wuv you. Amen!" Then she asked for her bed and went to sleep!

Easter 2010...look to the right on the side bar of my blog and that is Easter 2009!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Amy, Jonah, Maggie--this is a random side note but Amy, my sis-in-law, went to high school, in Houston, w/the former owner of our house--who now lives in Corpus Christi I think and she keeps up w/him still on facebook...small world!

Easter 2010 w/Papa & Grammy
Easter 2009 w/Papa & Grammy...Papa doesn't keep his eyes open very well! ha! And, Piper looks so excited both years! She is not my picture taker!