Emerson has been sick a lot in the last month and teething so we've had a few, less than stellar nights! She is now 14 months old, walking and trying to gibber, gabber!  She is one serious chick, who loves her mama!  But she has this little silly side that peeks through, at home mostly!  And as you can see in the pictures, she's started "cheesing" it up for the camera!  As soon as I pull out my phone to snap a pic, she scrunches up her nose no matter what she is doing!  Hah!
The Emerson Face!
The Ham Face!

She loves, loves, loves playing outside!

 Poor baby was so sick!  Look at her eyes!

Big Sis knew Mama needed a break one day from holding the fussy gussy!  I love watching the bond they are forming!  Piper loves Emerson and gets mad at her all in a matter of seconds!  Especially when Emerson pulls her hair!  Ouch!  


We have a WALKER! And some of February...

Emerson can WALK!!  I was so ready!  She was shy of turning 14 months when she consistently began walking around!
The weather has been beautiful!  We've been trying to take advantage of it!  Briggs---haha!
Briggs & Asher at Kiddie Pool
I'm helping watch the 5 and under kids on Fridays for Beach Club, the bible study club that meets at our school.  We call our little group Kiddie Pool and it is made up of kids whose parents are helping the elementary age kids!  We try to play outside as much as we can!
Emerson with some friends at Kiddie Pool!
 One Saturday, we went exploring through the woods and let the kids mess around by the creek.  I love doing this because it feels like we get to escape the city for a little bit, but it is right in the neighborhood!

My absolute favorite picture of Emerson so far!

And notice--her first piggy tails!
Piper had a fun Valentine's Day party at school!
I think Valentine's Day is so fun with kids!  Simple and fun!
Three of my Valentine's!  We were about to play Operation.  We gave the kids board games for V-day.  


Daddy Daughter Dance 2016

The annual Daddy Daughter dance.  Piper was so excited to get dressed up and go have some fun! Michael said it was the best year so far!  These two have a special closeness and I'm so thankful!



January flew by!  Here's some fun moments along the way!
Emerson is my 'accessories' gal!  She loves shoes, purses, necklaces, and sunglasses!
Her first lollipop!  We were at the doctor a lot in January and sister did not want to stay in her stroller so Mama was desperate!  The sucker was a miracle worker!
I asked Piper to clean off her desk.  Laying each seashell along the desk was her idea of cleaning!  :-)
Briggs wearing my boots!  ha!
Emerson loves sitting in the little chairs at the library and playing with the toys and books!  
I'm trying to raise a genius!  ;)
Piper and her friend, Addison, attended a cooking class together.  They cooked eggs and French toast.
Silly girl!
Another doctor visit.  The girls were sharing a sweet moment together!
Hahaha!  I could not resist.  He loves putting on my shoes.  And he loves wearing only his undies!
Briggs had 50s day at school!  
One night Briggs was wearing this hat (incorrectly) and kept saying, "Helllooo Ladies!"  Cracked me up!
At our church, they have these family worship nights.  They hosted some games afterwards and one of them involved feeding cereal to another family member!  It was funny to watch!
Piper, Maggie, and I had a little girls time one Saturday afternoon.  Ice Cream and manicures!

Emerson wearing a multitude of headbands.  Again--accessories!
She loves bread!  Plain.  From the package. Ick!
This is the Emerson face.  Very serious and suspicious!  
Tag teaming unloading the dishwasher!


Happy New Year!

This was the first year we let Piper stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year!  We were at my sister's house in Oklahoma.  There was tv watching, snacking, and a lot of card playing!  Piper loves playing cards!  

 On New Years Day, we laid low but went out to eat!  Emerson decided to take a snooze on her Uncle Trebor!  So sweet!  She never falls asleep on anyone, nor will let anyone rock her!  He had the magic touch!
 While we were out getting ice cream, Emerson decided she'd stand all by herself for the first time!  So exciting!