20 Months!

Whoa! 20 months already??? I can't believe it. Piper will be 2 in just a few short months! I'm not so sure I'm ready for that! This month has been really good. I think Piper has made us laugh more than ever. She has a very distinct personality which is almost an equal mix of my personality and Michael's! She has this look of intent observation and study that comes from Michael. She really takes in what is going on and studies things around her. Then, she has this busy-body, friendly side of her that is like me! She isn't shy of showing her disapproval of people or things just as much as she isn't shy of showing when she really likes something! This month, Piper has really begun showing her "big girl" side through communication and understanding. Just in the past few weeks, she has really increased her vocabulary and talking. Her favorite thing to say is "I want ___." Usually it ends in 'moot' (milk),'crackus' (crackers) or 'baby'! But, if she wants something she starts asking over and over until she gets it or she gets a threat! On a drive the other day we pointed out the horses on the side of the road and she preceded to say "I want neigh" over and over until she fell asleep! The kid is persistent! And, when she gets in trouble for something, she immediately tries to focus our attention on something else as if to distract us from punishing her! Ha!! How they learn so young! I really feel that this month has been a turning point for her and us. She has been sleeping more and fussing so much less! And, she just has been a great child for us. My mom even commented over Christmas that Piper appears to have matured in a sense. (Ya, she said that and the next day we go to Michael's mom's house and she is a grumpy gus...so go figure! Ha!) I really do agree with my mom for the most part. It has not been perfect by any means and will never be perfect; but something about her has changed and it has been so good! The last time we went to the doctors office she weighed 24 lbs, but I do not know her length right now. She is wearing 18 month pants and 24 month shirts and mostly 18 month dresses too and a size 5 in shoes! She loves the piano!

This was taken at my parents house while we were there for Christmas! I think Daddy was a bit bored!! Piper sure thought it was fun! The Diaper Duo!

Waiting for the cat outside to walk by again! She kept saying, "Cat, cat, cat! I want cat!"

(Christmas pics will be coming soon!)


The Great Blizzard of 2009!

Merry Christmas!!! Christmas this year has gone a little different than planned! On the morning of Christmas Eve, we left our home to drive 5 hours to my parents home but once we arrived in Norman we realized that the roads were not going to be adequate for us to travel on because you see, Oklahoma was beginning to get blasted by a blizzard!! So, we did the safe thing and turned back and went home; therefore, being at our home for Christmas day which has never happened and will probably not happen again for years! It's been a beautiful white Christmas! We have relaxed and been lazy which has been nice but I did miss getting to spend time w/our family. But, we will hopefully get to leave tomorrow and still go see them! Today was Piper's first time to play in the snow. She wasn't thrilled about it but she had a little fun! We didn't have any 'snow clothing' for her so we put some things together...rain boots, pj's, etc!!

We didn't have much food in our house b/c we were not planning on being here but I've managed to cook a few things, though it wasn't delicious Christmas food! We did eat grilled cheese and oreos for our Christmas lunch! Ha!! Our neighbor invited us over for turkey tonight so that will be yummy! It's been a good day even though we didn't plan it this way! I wouldn't want to be stranded w/anyone else than Michael and Piper anyway! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Illness, injury, and the rest of our crazy life!

I've been a little busy and haven't had much time to blog. Sorry to all of my 4 followers!! Ha! Today, Piper woke up pretty cranky and I just thought she was still tired but it ends up my baby has her first bout of strep throat! See her puny self below. She and I did a lot of snuggling today. I'm so glad this didn't happen next week during Christmas because... She was terribly sick over Thanksgiving. This is the only picture I took of her on the day after thanksgiving. She was miserable because she had a horrible cold. We thought it was another ear infection and Michael's mom called her doctor and he graciously met us at his clinic, even though it was closed. No ear infection!! She and I slept together every night during that holiday. (notice she is wearing the same outfit in her two sick pics! I did not plan that one!)

She was feeling much better the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We celebrated w/my family that day at my sister's home. Here's our little turkey!
Fast forward to December 9th and while playing in the church nursery she had another run-in with her nose! She got a pretty bad carpet burn on her nose after tripping on something. It looked worse than the picture shows but it is looking almost back to normal now!
But, in between illness and injury, we have been doing really well! Piper is loving to play dress up especially with my wearables! We have gotten to play with friends and go to Christmas gatherings. I even got to go to Texas for an entire weekend with my sister with no kids!!
See--she knows how to have fun!


Our new puppy!

And, its name is Piper!! You didn't really think we got another dog did you??? Piper is so curious about the Oscar's crate we keep by the back door. This is actually her 2nd time to sneak into it! The first time she got in trouble and then I thought, "I should have taken pictures!" So, the 2nd time she got in it, I took pics and from now on she'll get in trouble. Yes, I know...great parenting technique!! Ha! She loved it! And, it grosses me out b/c it holds a dirty dog! But, it was still a little bit cute!
On a side note: I cut off Piper's mullet! Geez, the back of her hair grows way faster than the front part. And, she has started saying "Wuv you!" (Love you!) Isn't that great! Makes me melt!


November Happenings

Piper's 1st time to crawl up onto a chair...she's only done it once but she was so proud of herself! Last Saturday I met my mom and grandparents in Guthrie to watch my grandpa take part in a Mason ceremony. Piper and I didn't really see it b/c she wanted to talk loud the entire time so we removed ourselves!
We occasionally eat at this place called Papa's pizzeria and this is Papa! Piper is enamored by him!!
She looks just like her daddy!
Piper and her friend Claire at our house for a playdate. Piper really didn't want her in her chair so she sat on her lap and they both thought it was funny!
Piper just learned how to say 'cheese' when taking a picture!
See...she really likes saying 'Cheese!' This was her first time to do it and she really got into it! Ha!
We've been doing a lot of things lately! It's been a great month. I am beginning to really feel settled and part of this community. I am forming relationships w/other girls and though they aren't solid relationships yet, I see the Lord working and helping me get to know them more and more. Also, He's really opened the door for me to be able to serve other moms and even a widow in our church so that has been very rewarding! I've been very encouraged lately in what the Lord is doing in my life and around me. Piper is really talking using words and has even begun to put two or three word phrases and sentences together! I'm amazed at what she is picking up on! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Happy Halloween!

This was Piper's 1st year to participate in the Halloween festivities! She dressed up as a little 50's girl, wearing a poodle skirt that my mom sewed and I embellished! Friday night, we took her to our church's Harvest Party. She really disliked the Harvest Party! She barely smiled and did cry after looking at the kids dressed up. There was big crowd, lots of noise, and a lot of kids dressed strange...no wonder she was having a problem! But, she didn't have a problem when they let her pick out the candy from the sack! (I forgot to turn the pic..sorry!)
She stood around looking kind of sad like this or clinging to her mama! She held on to her pumpkin really tight and it took her forever to put that Reese's in the pumpkin. I think she thought Daddy might eat it! hehe!
But, by the time we arrived back home she was in her element! (the picture is staged of course!)
Then, on Saturday we went to OKC to hang out w/the Roush's to go watch OSU get slaughtered. Before that, though, we took Piper and Lilly to take some pics on the grounds of Chesapeake b/c they had matching costumes! Yep, my mom sewed two skirts!
Both of the girls had so much fun running around while we took their pics. Well, Chandra took most of the pics w/her fancy smancy camera. These are from my non-fancy camera!
It's tough getting two toddlers to smile and pose, but Lilly sure took care of Piper! She'd hold her hand and try and get her to come back so they could say 'cheese!'
But, that doesn't mean she has to be happy about helping keep Piper in line!
They are two cuties that is for sure and they really had fun together that day! While we parents got to go to the football game, Lilly's Grams and Gramps came over and took the girls trick or treating and to Chick-fil-a to play and eat! They said the girls had fun but Piper was a bit serious and really clung on to her candy bag! Am I surprised about that report??? Nope, not a bit! Hope your Halloween was fun and your candy jars are brimming over now!


Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch this week for the very first time ever! I was really excited about the event! I look forward to all the 'festivities' we get to enjoy with a child! Piper wasn't all that excited once we got there but she had a rough night and early morning that day so I think that would explain the lack of excitement! We were able to go w/3 other families including Piper's good friend Claire who is in one of the pics with Piper above. Claire is in Piper's class at church so they get to see each other at least twice a week. Claire is one of the sweetest little girls I know and she loves Piper.


Looking Like A Little Girl

I think she's really like a little girl instead of a baby now! Just look at her! I can't believe it!
After nap today, eating a snack on the sofa...


Photos from Fargo

" Let's hit the road mommy!"

We just went to visit my parents in Fargo last week. Piper had fun playing outside. My mom still has roses growing on her bushes so Piper enjoyed getting to pull them! She got to see cows up close for the first time and at first she wasn't sure about that but then she liked it! While we were there, my mom sewed a poodle skirt for her to wear on Halloween. It is really cute and I'm excited to get her all dressed up in it!