September Stuff

These are some fun pictures that we've taken over the past few weeks this month. Piper likes dressing up even if it includes putting funny things on her head like her pj pants!
We also call her our 'bag lady' b/c she daily will take her shopping cart and fill it w/all kinds of random toys and household items and push it around!
And, this is her cow costume which has a story! Since her friend Lilly had her Chick-Fil-A bday party last February, Piper has been deathly scared of pretend cow things whether it is a toy, costume, picture etc. b/c a person dressed up like a cow came in the room and it freaked her out! Well, this costume was a hand me down from her cousins and it has been sitting in a corner upstairs in the office. She always runs away from it and has even shed a few tears over this costume! Well, imagine our total shock when last week I asked her, "Piper, what do you want to dress up as for Halloween? Would you like to dress up like a kitty cat?" And, she replies, "Um, I put the cow costume on?" >insert screeching halt< What!!! So, we went upstairs, got the cow costume and she put it on and was sooooo happy! She's been wearing it around the house now for the last week on various days. I still have been asking her if she wants to be a kitty cat and she keeps telling me no, she wants to be a cow! So, I guess for Halloween this year she'll be a cow and baby brother will be a farmer? Now watch, the day will come and she'll be deathly afraid to put it on! That will be my luck!!!


Piper's new puppy!

You cannot see her face so well, but you can tell by her eyes that she loves her new 'Sandy' dog that Grandma & Grandpa Levy brought her this weekend! We are the proud new owners of a life-size Labrador and if you ask me this might just be better than taking care of the real thing! I still jump a bit when I walk into the room and see her b/c I think there is actually a dog sitting in my living room! hah! Piper always talks about their dog, Sandy, so they decided to get Piper, her very own Sandy! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! We had a lot of fun w/you this weekend!

Baby Shower #2!!

Yesterday was my Ardmore shower! I really wasn't expecting to be given a shower but 5 sweet friends wanted to organize one. They held it at our church in our Sunday school room. I think there was at least 30 in attendance and so many sent gifts as well! I was blown away by every one's generosity and support! The decor was really cute; although, I didn't manage to get many great pics but trust me it was! It was all lime green and blue decor and as you can see the invitations above were darling! Here I am in all my pregnancy glory--37 1/2 weeks! I'm ready! And, if one more person tells me it only looks like I gained in my belly I might scream (not really) because you can totally tell I've gained in my face and other places! ha! I'm pretty sure I've gained more than my goal and still have 2 weeks to go!
The cute cake--"A baby is a blessing"
The serving table
Olivia & Piper
My family...Olivia, Anna (my nieces), Sheryl (my sis), Diana (Michael's step-mom)Me & Piper, and my mom, Judy. My mom wasn't going to be able to make it but at the last minute was able to make it. It was nice having family there with me since they live out of town.
My hostesses (& friends)--Jill, Brandi, Piper & me, Melody, Kristen, & Laura...Thanks girls!
Gift Table-there is a cute metal Stork to the left but you cannot see it. And, our Sunday school teacher's wife, Donna, sewed every single lime green hounds tooth table topper for the tables!! So sweet! The decor matches the baby's nursery!
And, a sweet guest brought Piper a present of bracelets and necklaces. She was in heaven!! I think we are ready for baby boy to arrive. And, for all you wondering...we still have not determined 100% the name but are leaning towards naming him Briggs Michael Levy. But, it's not set in stone! Yes, I know we have issues naming our children! :-)


Popsicles & Play Dates

Piper ate her first fudge bar and obviously loved it!!
This is her friend, Katie. Katie came over for a few hours and played the other day. Katie is very loving to Piper and Piper isn't always thrilled about the love she is given by Katie but this particular day she was enjoying Katie's hugs!!
Other than that, we are just hanging out! Michael is working the night shift for a few days so our schedule is a bit different! Hopefully, he won't have to do it too many more nights...I'm not a big fan!!