Just the Usual...

Piper has started back to soccer!
And at the second game, she scored her first EVER goal and the ONLY goal the team scored the entire game!  We celebrated with ice cream!  
Little sis loved the first game, but not the second game as much!
Emerson is officially pulling up!  Eek!!!  She's still army crawling though!  There is something about my children loving the army crawl until they can walk!  Weird, huh?
She loves watching out the windows!
And snuggling with Daddy!
And making a mess in my kitchen!  And I let her so I can finish dinner most nights!

These two LOVE bath time!  


Recap of our week...

There is another tooth coming in and this little tongue has been out all the time!  Look closely at those cutesy little thigh rolls hiding under her arm!!
Sweet E loves her swing!  I love that the weather was cool enough to enjoy swinging!
This is a bit blurry but Briggs has been making Lego creations every.single.day!  His creativity amazes me!  Yesterday he played Legos for two hours and built a new car and studied through instruction manuals trying to understand it all!  Wow!
Pay no attention to the dirty floors!  Emerson is in the beginning stages of pulling up!  I have caught her standing up after pulling up on our low window sills!  Eek!
She had a 9 month well check this week.  She is busy, busy.  Always wanting to move.  Never just sitting still or wanting me to stand still with her!  She is so much like Piper and not very much like Briggs as a baby!  She weighed 19 lbs (65th percentile) and measured 28 inches (75th percentile).  

These two!  They were testing my mommy skills on this particular day.  One had an attitude and one was grumpy!  They are my bookend girls who can be dramatic, stubborn, and strong willed! Mama is tired! 
But man, I love them fiercely!! 



Sniff, sniff...Briggs is in Pre-K two days a week at Graham Cracker Express.  I am getting all emotional inside just thinking about him going to Kindergarten.  I still have a hard time with Piper being in school all day and to think Briggs is going to be doing that too makes me sad!!!   It is definitely bittersweet!  
This little hambone was excited to start back!  He kept asking to go after Piper started.  I think he's going to be a lover of learning!  Lately he has been asking so many questions and coming home telling me new facts!  He's even been trying to count every single thing and add them together!  
He was most excited to be with his best buddy, Asher!  They're in the same class and are inseparable! Except when the teacher has to separate them!  Ha!   When I asked him how his first day was his response was, "I had fun but I don't want to talk about it!"  Buddy was tired!
His new teachers are Mrs. Gillard and Mrs. Keener!  Briggs cannot seem to remember their names just yet!  But he remembered all the new facts he learned about jaguars and cheetahs last week!! Priorities, right?  :)
After he got home on the second day of school, I hugged him and said "I missed you today."  He replied, "Ya, I missed you so much.  But I wike (like) school a wot (lot)!"  Awwww!
And, after two days of school he is writing his name!  I do not know how the teachers accomplished this feat!!  I have tried to work on letters and writing and he has refused!  But, he was so proud to show Piper and I how he could write his name!  We cheered for him and then he said, "Ya, I'm a superhero!"  Haha!  Love it!



We went on our first family camping trip in the history of this Levy fam!  And it was fun.  I guess it wasn't technically REAL camping because we slept in a cabin with air conditioning.  But the cabin was one room, with one bed!  The big kids slept on the floor and Emerson in her pack and play.  And, we cooked and ate outside, plus the bathrooms were in a separate "shared" facility, so that counts as some kind of 'roughing' it, right??!!  We were blessed to have beautiful weather, scenery, and friends! Really, it was a fun weekend with fun friends!  At Tyler State Park by the way!  And, Piper was so sad to leave.  She mourned the weekend being over in a way only Piper does best!  


Briggs' First Ever Soccer Game!

Thanks to my friend, Kate for taking most of these pics!  The first soccer game was hysterical.  Some of the boys knew and understood exactly what to do!  Others might have followed along the white lines and circles in the grass or danced around and just ran in whatever direction the other players were running!  Either way, it was fun! My handsome little fella is #6 and he appears to have his hands up in the air most of the game saying "Yay!" or "Good Job!" I love his encouraging spirit!


8 & 9 Months!

8 Months:
Sitting up
Rolling over
Drinking water from a sippy cup
Eating pretty much anything mommy will feed her.
First kitchen sink bath. She was mesmerized and smiley!
Army crawling everywhere!

9 Months:
Still waking up almost every night, except for the past week.  She has slept through the night more consistently in the past week! 
Army crawling. But getting up on all fours and rocking.
Eating great!
Serious face to most strangers.
Third tooth has arrived!
Loves mimicking sounds, especially in the car!
Birthmark has significantly darkened over the summer.
Lights up when she sees Daddy.
Really attached to Mommy.
Cries at nursery drop off every.single.time! And when I pick her up.  How dare I leave her!!
Can take a bath in the big tub sitting up!
Waves and says an airy "Hi."
Claps her hands.  And claps as soon as you begin singing "If you're happy and you know it."
Dances when I sing "If you're happy and you know it."
Lifting up on my legs when I am sitting down on the ground with her. 
Loves when I play Peek-A-Boo.  She laughs her way through it!
Tooth #3, Tooth #4, and Tooth #5 have come in!  (Mommy was soooo thankful this finally happened! These teeth have been a big source of pain for Emerson!)
Is able to get back into sitting upright from crawling position on her own.