The Rest of May!

Emerson loves to give hugs to Briggs' friends!  Either that or pester them! 
Dinner with the Wyatt kids.  My friend, Karen, and I try to have pizza night about twice a month while our husbands are out of town!  It's crazy but it sure does help me survive!
Emerson always heads straight for the infant seating!  Hah!

Selfies with mama!

Field Day 2016.  Dress as your favorite TV show character.  Piper is Kim on Kickin' It!
Arawyn was her field day buddy!
This pic!  I love it!  She has Cars house shoes on, footie jammies, and sunglasses!  Along with that smile!  What's not to love!!
Piper and Campbell playing in the hose!  Brrrr!
One of our late nights with E!  Snuggling with daddy watching the Thunder game.
And being silly with Mr. Potato Head parts.
Another late night with E.  She snuggled and snacked with Daddy.
The pool opened!
Sink baths for a girl who has been hating tub baths!
Meet Swimmy Clara Belle Levy!  Our new beta fish!
And, drumroll pleeeeeease!  Last day of school for 2015-2016!  Woo Hoo! Good riddance 2nd grade.  You were not our favorite year!!  But we are still smiling!!!


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