17 months

Piper is 17 months and she's pretty excited about it! She loves to clap and sing! (Can you see one of my new sofas in the background!!)
She's very good at being a 'mommy' to all her many stuffed animals and dolls! She even rocks them, hugs them, pats them on the back, and gives this kisses!
And, she still is intrigued at looking in the mirror! Look at these expressions!

17 months has been rough, I'm not going to lie! Pretty much every aspect of parenting has been really tough this month from eating to behavior!! I've felt very weary! BUT, we are seeing a change this week and I'm doing the happy dance!!! Piper feels so much better...her double ear infection has healed as well as her nose. She is obeying much better and she has been much more happy and sweet. Her appetite is back and it hasn't been hard to get her to eat and she's been sleeping quite well. Michael and I have begun the Growing Kids Gods Way class and even though we have only attended 3 sessions so far, we really are learning a ton and the Lord has been showing me things I need to change within me in order to be a better parent and in order to raise a godly daughter!
Despite this tough month, we have still enjoyed seeing the changes happening right before our eyes! Below is a list of a few things she is doing right now. She's been saying a lot of words out of the blue or if you say, "Piper, say ___" She at least tries to say anything you ask but you can't always understand it!
Favorite things to say include:
-bye, bye; hi; hello; kitty, kitty, doag (dog), eyes, nose, toes, shoes; eww-eww; uh-oh, bear, baby; hot; no-no-no; Whoa!
Other words she's added:
-Bapa (Grandpa); Papa; Sith (Seth); Lul-lul (Lilly); Oh!; ball; bur (bird); bibuh (bible); Jesus; Pipuh (Piper); wa-wa (water)
Locate the following body parts:
-eyes, nose, ears, mouth, toes, legs, and hands
Makes the following the animal sounds:
-cow (ooo); snake (ssss); dog (oof, oof); lion (grrr); pig (grr, grr); cat (kitty, kitty-she doesn't say meow, meow); duck (qua-qua)
-Walks backwards and spins and circles
-Uses a fork and a spoon but it's still pretty messy!
-Loves granola bars and granola clusters
-Waves side to side with her hand now instead of opening and closing her fist
-Loves playing with her play kitchen and pretends to eat her play food as well as bring mommy and daddy some to eat.
-Sits and 'reads' books by herself and will sit in my lap to read several books at a time
-Comes up to me, looks at me, turns her back to me, backs up to me, and plops down in my lap! (love it!)
-Still loves talking on her cell phone but not the real phone when someone wants to talk to her.
-Dances by swaying or stomping her feet
-Shakes head "yes" and "no" when asked a question. "No" is used more often than "yes".
-Shows her excitement by raising her eyebrows and making her eyes really big and shaping her lips like a "O" and says either 'Oh' or "Oooo" or "Ew-Ew!"
I love this little girl so much! She has so much personality and character! I'm thankful she is a part of my family and that I get to be her mom!

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