Coming Home

My Little Elf coming home! The hat didn't fit quite right!
Isn't he precious?!
Look how small he is compared to Michael!
Piper likes him but isn't so fond of sharing Mom & Dad!
We arrived home from the hospital shortly before 1 pm on Sunday. I had some blood clotting issues that were a bit scary that caused some concern so we had to stay one more night than planned but all is well and I'm feeling pretty good! Piper was immediately not sure what to think when we arrived home with Briggs and acted out immediately as a response! She's at Grammy's house for a few days getting some really great one on one attention! Briggs is a sweet little baby and I'm loving his little noises and grunts! I'm excited to have a son. My milk has finally started coming in so feeding is going to get even better! I've started him on his schedule today and it wasn't too bad...not perfect, but good! Our Sunday school class began bringing us meals so that has made it nice and Michael is staying home for a few days. I didn't realize when I had Piper how much easier a newborn is to care for than a 2 year old!! I think I took that time for granted by stressing out about a lot of unnecessary things but you don't realize that until you have a toddler! ha! Michael was putting together the double stroller tonight and said, "Man, we are parents. I mean, real parents with 2 kids and this big ole thing." (something to that effect anyway!) I thought that was funny!


. said...

Congratulations, Shelly! He is precious. He and Piper will be having so much fun together soon!

Enjoy your sweet little one!

-Michelle N.

Martha said...

Congratulations to you, Michael, and Piper!! He's adorable!