Ft. Worth

For Memorial Day, we stayed overnight in Ft. Worth.  The kids really loved it!  The first day we did and saw almost everything there is to do at the Stockyards!  The Petting Zoo, Mini Train Ride, Cow Maze, Sit on a Bull, etc!  It was hot, but fun!  The second day we explored the Science Museum and went on a carriage ride before heading home!  It was a little mini-adventure!

Piper was very hesitant at first but she fought through her fear and fed the goats!  
While waiting in the shade, she met a dog that she was so good with!  It was sweet to watch her.
The kids were inducted as Sheriffs for the Day! Part of their oath of office was they promised to eat their veggies that day.  I'm pretty sure they violated that oath!

He was all smiles until the steer decided to move a little and then he wanted off...Very Fast!

Waiting to watch the steers head down the street!

Daddy got to squeeze into the mini train!  
Day 2 Carriage Ride
Miss Diva at the hotel swimming pool!  Rotten!
The Lite Brite at the Science Museum

We watched a quick 4D show about drilling at the museum.


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