Whenever I kept my 3yr. old niece, Olivia, a few weeks ago she and I worked on her ladybug costume for Halloween. I made her antenna and tutu which was so easy--just a little time consuming and we found her wings at the dollar store for $1! She already had the clothes. This is her modeling our creation! I think it turned out pretty cute...much cuter in person! She kept saying she was a butterfly!

Then, while I was staying with my sister last week her husband, Trebor needed a costume for his company Halloween contest. His group was doing a Grand Ole Opry theme and he was nominated to be Porter Wagner. This is Porter Wagner below...

And, this was our creation for Trebor. We needed to add much more jewels than we did but it worked well.

This was my attempt at a wagon wheel on the back, but it looks more like a peace sign!
Love the hair! He probably won't like that I posted this pic!

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