Piper these days

She sticks her tongue out a lot these days!
Smiley girl
Daddy and Piper watching the Dallas Cowboys.
We are having so much fun with Piper these days. This stage is really fun, but so far all the stages have been fun and unique! She is a smiley girl and is getting chunky. She likes to growl and squeal and her favorite thing to do is lay on her tummy and 'fly' w/her hands and legs lifted! (Like in the 2nd picture above!) Sounds uncomfortable, but she loves it! She rolls around on the floor every now and then but it seems as if she doesn't mind just laying on her tummy! Weird! Piper has been pushing up a lot on her hands so maybe the crawling thing will start soon??? She is almost sitting up on her own. She sits up for a little bit and then falls over but it seems like her back is getting straighter while sitting there and she can move her torso a bit more. Piper has begun that thing when babies get a little scared of certain people for whatever reason and she sometimes begins to cry when I leave the room! I know it is normal but sometimes I think she's a little spoiled! I don't know why she'd be spoiled though...haha! She's a great eater, but still will not take a bottle or sippy cup! I'm currently working on getting her to take a sippy cup of juice! We haven't had any success yet! She has 3 teeth and is working on getting one or two more currently. I can sum up the past few months as one big toothache! She has not been consistent with sleeping through the night for a good while. I'm one tired mommy! Some days she'll sleep 8-8 and others 8-4! We've had some really hard nights and early mornings and I think it's all b/c of teething! But, when she feels good she is so sweet and fun! I'm really looking forward to the holidays with her!
In non-Piper news, Michael is liking his job and working a lot! Most days he leaves by 6:30 am and returns anywhere from 4:30-7:30 pm! He is still trying to figure stuff out and learn, learn, learn! I'm slowly meeting people and getting accustomed. We're still house hunting, although we have found a house we both like. I think we'll put an offer on it in the next few days but who knows if it will all work out! We're keeping the excitement level very low! Ha!
So that's our update!!

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Hannah E. said...

Love hearing the updates on Piper. I feel your pain with the teething causing sleeping issues! Don't you think it's harder now than it was being sleep deprived when she was a newborn? It is for me! My body had gotten used to sleeping all night, so night wakings are kicking my butt now. And there's no adrenaline to keep me going like there was in the beginning. So I just don't go. =)

Hope everything works out with the house...keep us posted.