We're sick...again!

Ever have one of those days....???
This is puny Piper and you don't want to see a pic of Piper's puny mommy b/c frankly, it's downright scary! Yesterday Piper was running a fever and slept a lot; while mommy caught a good case of the stomach bug last night! Fun times! I'm better this morning but still really weak and tired. Michael stayed home w/us through the morning and left for a luncheon at work. He's been great. Poor guy has had to deal w/more sick girls this past month than ever before. I'm ready for Spring and to be healthy!

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Hannah E. said...

Oh, I KNOW about the sickness and being ready for spring! I'm feeling ya...I think everyone is ready for the sick season to be over. It sures messes up our plans often! Hope y'all feel better soon.