Michael and I just went on our first getaway without a baby to Taos, NM! It was a fun trip of skiing and eating yummy food! I didn't take too many pics. I wanted to get one of the 2 of us on top of the mountain but it didn't happen! (That's why you always need to travel w/friends b/c you need a photographer!) We stayed in the town of Taos in an adobe condo! It is owned by the grandfather of our good friend Brittany in Tyler! The adobe is located in a great location of town, close to everything! Michael and I at Graham's Grille...mmmm! (I don't know why I was so hunched over in this pic! And, I think I'm wearing this outfit everytime you see my pic on this blog! I promise I don't wear it every day or anything! ha!!)
Beginning our road trip, V-day morning! I have no make-up on!

Michael in front of his restaurant! Ha! This is where we ate breakfast before hitting the slopes a couple of times. Yummy greasy spoon in Taos!

Michael on the mountain. We both got silly hats to wear. I didn't like his when he first bought it but very much appreciated it when I needed to spot him at the bottom of the mountain! I always knew who the guy in the orange and blue was!
Some of you know my silly ski stories from the past. They are funny and nothing closely related to style and grace when it comes to the art of skiing! But, this trip I did improve somewhat or at least that's what my hubby said and I felt a bit more confident by the end of the trip! I did have a meltdown on the side of the mountain the first day when I was talked into skiing a blue that turned out to have this down hill icy patch. I fell, which is very common, and totally freaked out b/c fear completely seized my body! I started squealing (and we all know I'm good at that!) and crying as I tried to crawl back up the mountain. Michael probably was so embarrassed but I was not about to go down that hill! Ha! I made it back to the top of the hill and went on my way! Taos ski valley is a hard course! It is very steep! We went there 2 days and then drove to Angel Fire on the 3rd day. It was way more on my level and comfort! But, we only were able to ski there one half a day b/c of the wind at the top of the mountain. We arrived home last night after being in the car about 12 hours with each other!!! We picked up Piper on the way home and she was glad to see us but not overly excited until we got home and then she was soooo excited! It was good to be home and in our own bed again! This was definitely a great trip and much needed by this momma!!

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Hannah E. said...

Looks like an fabulous trip! Joel and I went to Dallas last weekend. It's not Taos, but it was refreshing. That's great y'all got to go there.
Oh, and that's a big deal that Piper is saying mama now - congratulations!