I don't have a title for this...

These are some random pics I've taken over the last week. I haven't posted in a while but today I've posted a ton of stuff. It's been crazy busy around here but I think I mention that in about every other post I write!! Piper has come down with her first ear infection ever (pretty good for being almost 14 months!) and it's been a rough few days around here and some sleep-interrupted nights! I'm optimistic that today is the day it all turns around! Piper pushing her dolly around. She is getting better at walking using her walker or our hands. She has also been walking down the sofa or around the coffee table but hasn't taken a step w/out anything yet.
This is her new look she gives. Sometimes she purses her lips like that, squints her eyes, and shrugs her shoulders all at the same time. She thinks it is funny too!! I think she looks older in this pic!
She loves the sunglasses but won't keep them on!
Piper is beginning to like the water but it has to be on her own terms! She is still hating her bath time though! We recently spent a few days at my sister's home and they have a new pool to enjoy! (yes, i do realize my daughter looks like a boy when she has no swimsuit on!)
Piper with her cousin Seth. He was pulling her around in her floaty!

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