Smoke Testing

This morning we had a little scare at our house which turned into nothing and now I feel a wee bit dorky! I was talking to Chandra on the phone (b/c it's her bday!! whoop, whoop) and was carrying Piper upstairs to her room and realized that the entire 2nd floor was filled w/smoke but the alarms were not going off??!! So, I got off the phone w/Chandra, tried calling Michael a bazillion times, and ran Piper over to my neighbors house. I came back and opened up every door and didn't see flames but it seemed like it was coming from the vents (still can't get a hold of Michael), so I called 911! 3 fire engines came to my house, a cop, and a few gawkers! Keep in mind, I live in a cul de sac of 5 houses...not a lot of room on our block! So they go inside and I'm freaking out and nervous. Oh, and it smelled really funny like electrical/sewage smelling. So they check things out and come out to say that there was no fire, etc. but instead that the city of Ardmore is 'smoke testing' the water lines and we had a dry line upstairs which causes the smoke (we have a washer/dryer hookup upstairs that isn't in use b/c we use the one downstairs--which was the 'dry' line). Anyway, it really scared me but I do feel silly b/c the city of Ardmore did leave a note on our door informing us about the testing but I forgot about it. All our neighbors were laughing and I know one of them will be teasing me for some time! Oh well! I did the right thing b/c I was in doubt. Oh, and one more thing. I finally got a hold of Michael once the fire trucks were at our house and he raced home. As he was racing a cop pulled him over b/c he was obviously speeding. Michael was in walking distance of our house so he told the cop that he needed to get home b/c his family could be in danger and ran off leaving the cop at his truck!! When he went back the cop was gone but I'm sure he was angry and we may be getting a ticket in the mail!! I think we could protest it though!! Oh, what a morning!!!

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Hannah E. said...

I thought this story was hilarious! Joel and I thought it was pretty funny imagining Michael leaving the cop. He seems like such a rule-follower. =)