Having some fun!

I think this girl has some red hair about to come through b/c she is a little firecracker!
I just purchased her a cell phone b/c she is always pretending to talk on the phone! She loves it and plays with it all the time. I snapped some of her in the car while we were stopped. Anytime I'm on my phone she gets on hers! ha!

This is such a funny pic to me b/c she isn't asleep but she looks like she's wiped out!
Last week, a friend needed help with her 3 year old boy and Piper loved having him around. She kept hugging him or running up to him, touching him, and running away while laughing! It annoyed the little boy but I kept telling him, "Piper is just excited to have you here. She wants to love on you." Here's some pics of them hugging and playing.

Life has gotten a bit busier at our house. We have eased back into a fall schedule with bible study, parenting class, Mother's Day out, and the occasional play date. I like having a routine again but lately Piper has not been so fond of being in the nursery away from mom (except for MDO and she loves it!!) so we have had some issues (and some tears on her part and mine!) in that department. I'm trying to take it to the Lord and work on training Piper at home but it will take time and patience! Two weeks ago, Piper started teething again! 3 new teeth came in last week and 2 more are about to pop through anytime. She also currently has a double ear infection! Poor baby!! Her vocabulary has been increasing which has been fun! She tries to say words we say or others say. She just talks all day and laughs at herself a lot! Whatever she is saying must be funny; at least she thinks it is!

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Amanda said...

Piper and Ava sound SO much alike! Everytime I read your blog, it sounds like they are doing the same things!! We are also going through some separation anxiety too! It's rough!!