The Great Blizzard of 2009!

Merry Christmas!!! Christmas this year has gone a little different than planned! On the morning of Christmas Eve, we left our home to drive 5 hours to my parents home but once we arrived in Norman we realized that the roads were not going to be adequate for us to travel on because you see, Oklahoma was beginning to get blasted by a blizzard!! So, we did the safe thing and turned back and went home; therefore, being at our home for Christmas day which has never happened and will probably not happen again for years! It's been a beautiful white Christmas! We have relaxed and been lazy which has been nice but I did miss getting to spend time w/our family. But, we will hopefully get to leave tomorrow and still go see them! Today was Piper's first time to play in the snow. She wasn't thrilled about it but she had a little fun! We didn't have any 'snow clothing' for her so we put some things together...rain boots, pj's, etc!!

We didn't have much food in our house b/c we were not planning on being here but I've managed to cook a few things, though it wasn't delicious Christmas food! We did eat grilled cheese and oreos for our Christmas lunch! Ha!! Our neighbor invited us over for turkey tonight so that will be yummy! It's been a good day even though we didn't plan it this way! I wouldn't want to be stranded w/anyone else than Michael and Piper anyway! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Hannah said...

Crazy Christmas! Hope you were able to go see your family. Those pics of Piper are really cute!