20 Months!

Whoa! 20 months already??? I can't believe it. Piper will be 2 in just a few short months! I'm not so sure I'm ready for that! This month has been really good. I think Piper has made us laugh more than ever. She has a very distinct personality which is almost an equal mix of my personality and Michael's! She has this look of intent observation and study that comes from Michael. She really takes in what is going on and studies things around her. Then, she has this busy-body, friendly side of her that is like me! She isn't shy of showing her disapproval of people or things just as much as she isn't shy of showing when she really likes something! This month, Piper has really begun showing her "big girl" side through communication and understanding. Just in the past few weeks, she has really increased her vocabulary and talking. Her favorite thing to say is "I want ___." Usually it ends in 'moot' (milk),'crackus' (crackers) or 'baby'! But, if she wants something she starts asking over and over until she gets it or she gets a threat! On a drive the other day we pointed out the horses on the side of the road and she preceded to say "I want neigh" over and over until she fell asleep! The kid is persistent! And, when she gets in trouble for something, she immediately tries to focus our attention on something else as if to distract us from punishing her! Ha!! How they learn so young! I really feel that this month has been a turning point for her and us. She has been sleeping more and fussing so much less! And, she just has been a great child for us. My mom even commented over Christmas that Piper appears to have matured in a sense. (Ya, she said that and the next day we go to Michael's mom's house and she is a grumpy gus...so go figure! Ha!) I really do agree with my mom for the most part. It has not been perfect by any means and will never be perfect; but something about her has changed and it has been so good! The last time we went to the doctors office she weighed 24 lbs, but I do not know her length right now. She is wearing 18 month pants and 24 month shirts and mostly 18 month dresses too and a size 5 in shoes! She loves the piano!

This was taken at my parents house while we were there for Christmas! I think Daddy was a bit bored!! Piper sure thought it was fun! The Diaper Duo!

Waiting for the cat outside to walk by again! She kept saying, "Cat, cat, cat! I want cat!"

(Christmas pics will be coming soon!)

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Mendy said...

So cute!! She is getting so big! I can't imagine when my girls start talking...it will be no silence at my house! Glad to hear you all are doing well. We miss you.