Dressing Up!

Piper enjoys 'dressing up.' It hasn't turned into wearing clothing yet; just accessories for now. But, she enjoys it and has become more creative and independent with it recently!For example, she wore the bunny eyes in the car the other day and into Wal-Mart as well. Yes, into the store and she looked pretty funny as did I since I let her but I didn't want to start a fight and I didn't want to stifle any creativity that day! Besides, it's Wal-Mart. I've seen crazier things/people there before!!
And, she enjoys this ugly beanie hat we own. She especially likes to wear it over her eyes and try walking without being able to see! Quite entertaining for her and for me!
But, I think the above photo has brought us the most laughs so far! She ran around the house like this Sunday morning for a while thinking it was so funny! At least she's got a little humor in her bones!! I think it safe to say that Piper is quite the character!

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