Jam Session!

Plum jam session that is! I learned how to make jam this week by talking to my mom over the phone a lot and picking my neighbors brain but it turned out delicious...messy, but yummy! I also learned that it takes more time and work to make jelly than jam so I chose to do the easiest!
I had to wash all the lids and jars and boil the lids! (And, my neighbor graciously gave/loaned me all the supplies this time!)
I had to simmer the cut up plums, then puree them a bit in the food processor.
Then, cook them w/lots of sugar--8 cups to be exact and a box of Sure Jell!
And you end up w/this little beauty of sugary goodness after a nice little 10 minute water bath that I was informed was not necessary!!
And, this is the finished product of me after 3 hrs trying to maintain a positive attitude w/swollen ankles, aching calves, and being pretty darn hot! But, it was worth it and not that hard! I have more plums that I'm going to freeze and make another batch or two before the baby arrives! Look at me--I'm Betty in the making! Ha! Btw, my neighbor, Mr. Lee picked most of the plums and I canned them since his wife had surgery on her shoulder. I was wanting to make jelly with plums from a tree in our yard but I didn't get them picked in time so he picked some some on another neighbors yard. It is definitely something I'm glad I tried and will probably do again but does not make me want to ever can anything else like veggies or relish or anything!

I'll even teach you how if you come over!


Kat said...

I expect a jar of jelly for Chistmas! Looks delicious!

Heather said...

haha. i was browsing blogs. I too have been making alot of jam. I have an apricot tree in my yard and i have about 15 jars of apricot jam and i just picked some free peaches and i have about 14 jars of peach jam and i just pick loads of pears on sunday so i'm going to make pear jam!!! Farmers Market here i come!