Pumpkin Carving

We got together with our cousins to carve and paint pumpkins the night before Halloween. This was our pumpkin, Packy...short for pac man! Piper was a little scared of Packy at first and she was unsure of his name. He was called Polly a few times. But, by the end of Halloween night, they were buds! And, Michael was up to his pyromaniac antics as well!Trebor is serious about carving pumpkins. I think if I purchased a pumpkin carving kit as a gift for him, he'd be over-the-moon excited! Ha!Briggs enjoyed playing with Seth. Any chance to pull someones hair is always a fun time to him!
Seth and Sheryl
Piper is proud of her painting abilities. She was really into it...for about 5 minutes!

Sheryl was cooking biscuit pizzas for us.
And, Olivia was the only child who got into the gross part of it, pulling the seeds out! She would have even carved the pumpkin, if we could trust her with a knife! It is fun to live nearby our cousins!

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