Library Fun

Two times a month they have "Music with Susan" at the Edmond library and Piper loves it!  The only thing is, you have to call on the 1st and the 15th of each month to sign up so my brain has to remember; otherwise, we cannot attend.  Space is limited!  And, it's not geared for children as young as Briggs but he has fun!  These are the pictures from our very first time to attend.  (Granted, you cannot see my children's faces, but look carefully and you will see them!)  And, please note that Piper's hair has grown long enough we can put it in a ponytail.  This is a BIG deal in our house!  She wants long hair and understands that she cannot have it as long as Rapunzel's hair!  Ha!  During this music class, everything is to the beat of a song they are singing or listening to on CD.  It's fun for my little ones who like to get their groove on!

And this is what she looked like after nap that day!!!  Ha!!!

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