Weekend with the kids...

The last weekend in January, Michael went skiing with three other guys in New Mexico.  One of the other guys was Rusty, my best friend Chandra's husband...got all that?  Anyway, Chandra, me and all our kids spent the weekend together while our husbands were away.  It was crazy!!!!!!!!  But, I'm glad we did it together and not alone!  Piper loves babies right now and she would have carried little Miss Evelyn around the whole time if we let her!  Don't let her sweet smile fool you in these pictures though!  She was ornery towards Lilly! (big sigh...mothering has been tough with this little-big miss, but that's another novel for another day!) We didn't get a picture of Briggs and Sophia!  She loves him and he's scared to death of her!  Ha!!  That might just be a perfect match!!!  haha!

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