The rest of February

 Piper likes to pretend to skate along the floor using my Rubbermaid containers!
 Briggs is a block lover and so good at stacking, building, and definitely destroying!!
 These next few pictures of Piper are her 'dress up' ensembles!  The leg warmers are casts for a broken arm or leg!

 The straw in the hat...i don't remember what she said it was!  But, it had a purpose!  She is my artsy fartsy kid!
 Briggs loves the bath and has yet to be scared of the water.
 We went for a short little overnight trip to Ardmore to see our friends.  Piper and Connor are above.  We spent the night at Connor's house.  The reason we went was because Piper's best friend Claire was visiting that week.  They moved to Michigan a few months ago so it was exciting to see them!

 Olivia and Piper in our super huge bath tub with super huge bubble power!
 Briggs went to a doctor appointment with me and showed off the entire time as we waited in the lobby.  Above he is trying to to a roll over but also was looking between his leg and flirting with these older women! So funny!  And, below, he is trying his best to get the receptionist to pay attention to him!  He is a flirt!
 And, lastly...at the beginning of February we went to Arkansas to celebrate my friend, Kari's 30th birthday.  Michael succumbed to the Arkansas ways of hunting squirrels.  But, if you notice he is sitting inside the house and pointing the gun out of the window!!  Ha!  He shot a bird and was pretty proud of himself!
We had a busy, fun February!

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