Valentine's Day 2012

 Piper has been asking for flowers for a long time so Michael surprised her with a pink and a red rose on Valentine's day!  She was excited!  Michael was able to stay home and eat breakfast with us so I made heart shaped waffles and scrambled eggs for everyone.  I threw together the decorations the night before!

 Everyone opened their presents and loved them!  I didn't open anything b/c Michael told me the week before that he purchased a housecleaning service to come clean my house one time!  After the presents were opened Piper looked very concerned and asked me if I opened a present!  I thought that was sweet!

 I made this little Valentine's shirt for Piper on Sunday night so she could wear it to her school Valentine party the next day.  She got up and didn't want to go so I didn't make her.  What kid doesn't get excited about their party!!
 And, nothing says love like a storm shelter!  We had an underground tornado shelter installed in our garage on Valentine's Day.  That is why Michael was able to stay home for breakfast!  He acts like it is a nuclear fallout shelter the way he talks about stocking it with supplies!  Cracks me up!!  We are 'red dirt ready!'

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