Last Day of School!

 June 5 was Piper's last day of Kindergarten!  I cannot believe we'll have a first grader in the fall!  She woke up kind of emotional and anxious the morning of her last day.  I finally figured out it was because she's worried about not having Mrs. Patton as her teacher again.  She loved her this year!  And she was nervous about how the last day of school was going to flow and I don't think she totally understands summer vacation just yet!  But she'll get it quickly I think!  She wore the shirt she made in art class so the kids could sign them that day but they ended up just signing each others yearbooks instead!

 The picture below was of her right after she exited the building! We ate ice scream and swam after school to celebrate the fact that it is SUMMER!  Mommy is ready!

 And for comparison sake...This is Piper on the first day of school!  She looks like a baby!

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